Creating a better life by nourish yourself image

Make a better life by nourish yourself image

Many people are largely unaware that the quality of their lives is to a significant extent determined by whether they have a positive or negative self image. The way in which you perceive and feel about yourself is bound to have a considerable effect on whether you succeed or fail in many of life’s endeavours, on whether you are happy or unhappy, fulfilled or unfulfilled.

Creating a better life by nourish yourself image

Your deeply rooted self image is the basis upon which you operate in your day to day life, and it is often the factor on which many of your choices and decisions are ultimately – though often unconsciously – based. If deep down you don’t see yourself as a person worthy of love and respect, or as a person capable and confident enough to succeed in overcoming challenges, then your self image is selling you short and holding you back.

The self image begins to form in childhood as a consequence of experiences and impressions received from parents, siblings, relatives, teachers, peers and media. Children are generally highly suggestible and will accept the import or overall tone of whatever positive or negative impressions and suggestions about themselves that they receive from parents and others.

It’s at this point that a self image which is either mostly positive or negative begins to be impressed on the subconscious which then becomes the “foundation” or source from which all of the growing child’s thoughts and feelings about him or her self spring from.

Later in early youth and then into adulthood numerous other significant impressions and experiences play their part in forming the overall, “complete” self image. Someone who as a child formed a negative self image will be more likely to have difficulty in successfully dealing with the periodic challenges faced by all young people and adults.

Nourish yourself image

As Eleanor Roosevelt once said, no one can make you feel inferior without your consent. This goes to the heart of something that many people are either unaware of or think just can’t be true, that being that whatever poor self image(1) may have been derived from an individual’s childhood and early youth, the truth is that it’s not set in stone, even if it may feel or seem like it. There is no decree or law of nature which says that because you “believe” – consciously and/or unconsciously – that you don’t come up to the mark in comparison to others that it must be actually “true” or “real”.

With regard to that the truth is that however you currently feel about yourself and whatever you circumstances may currently be, you have the power within you to be whoever or whatever you truly desire to be.

A poor self image could perhaps be compared to a business that is not succeeding because it’s unaware of its full potential. In other words a negative self image isn’t something that you have to be stuck with for life, it’s more than possible to set about successfully revitalizing and strengthening it and to reap the benefits thereof.

Although as children we are highly susceptible to the conditioning that early life and circumstances imposes on us, we nevertheless create our own self image, we are what we think we are, not what anyone else thinks we are. This is why that in order to feel inferior, you must “consent” to allow yourself to think that you’re inferior.

If you really want to, why not start to think of yourself differently? The only thing or person stopping you is yourself.

Work On Changing Your Self Beliefs

In order to build a vibrant and healthy self image, you must nurture it and work on it.(2) In the same way that you most likely take steps to improve or at least preserve your outward appearance, similarly your inner self image needs to be maintained and if necessary improved.

This can be done by first understanding that the key lies within your own mind and also by understanding that you are free to use your own mind to think of yourself in any way that you wish. Whatever thoughts you regularly and habitually impress into your subconscious mind will sooner or later be accepted by it as true. And when the subconscious has accepted a new self belief system as true then that new belief system actually becomes true and the self image – and thenceforth quality of life – changes accordingly.

Create for yourself and stick to it for as long as necessary – usually anywhere from a couple of weeks to several months – a regular program or discipline whereby on a daily basis you nourish your mind and self image with positive thoughts and feelings about yourself.

Take out 10 or 15 minutes each and every day to relax and then picture in your mind yourself as you’d like to be. During these periods just relax and focus on this, and put out of your mind any other thoughts or preoccupations.


Visualize yourself and feel yourself in a positive and confident way, regularly and consistently, and as your subconscious begins to accept the new belief and self image, you’ll soon start to feel the considerable benefits of the positive change in your view of yourself and of life in general. When you change, everything around you changes too.

A sapling can only become a tree, a seed can only become a plant or a flower, but deep within your human mind lies the power to change and improve your life in any way that you truly desire. The doubts and limitations which we impose on ourselves through negative past experience and critical and inhibiting “everyday” consciousness are only as real as we allow them to be.