Why You Must Never Stop Trying, Perseverance To Motivate Success

Keep Trying To Inspire You To Never Give Up On Anything and Why You Should Never Stop Trying

‘You only start failing when you stop trying.’ Anon.

I recently had a dream.

I had for some reason taken a journey on the sea. I had secured a boat and sailed to a cove and it is there that I stayed for a time. I knew that on the top of the cove’s cliffs there was a place I should ultimately go.

Why You Must Never Stop Trying, Perseverance To Motivate Success

One day a group of pirate-type characters came to kill me, but miraculously with the aid of Indians, who appeared from nowhere and armed with arrows and spears, I was saved.

I then began to climb the cliff and finally reached the top where I entered a large complex of corridors filled with many people.

I was seeking a man and was finally directed to a room where I met him and began conversing with him in a manner that was friendly and refreshing. Others entered the room.

This place overlooked the bay where I had resided and he expressed his amazement at my faith in plunging into the ocean, sailing in a boat, knowing not where I was going, but that I was going somewhere, and that somewhere was here.

Questions To Be Answered

Have you sought to climb to higher heights in your life?

Has an enemy sought to destroy you?

Can you recall at times the wonderful hand of protection over your life?

Are there greater things ahead in your life that you have been created for?

Answers To Be Given

I found myself living in a castle in Scotland with my family for just a few days. It was surreal.

We had just come from spending three months in an African nation. No running water. No hot water. Malaria. Dust. Little money. Poor communication with the outside world. At times lonely. At other times fearful for the very safety of our lives.

It was in this castle though that I found myself in the company of an amazing group of people who began to speak of positive things that were to come to both me and my family in the future. I have never forgotten what was said.

Those words were embedded in the very depths of my heart.

A dream of prosperity and success was planted, and it has been that dream that has continued to stir me into action whenever I have wanted to stop……trying.

It’s Okay To Stop But It Is Not Okay To Stop Trying

From that time that I spent in a Scottish castle I have many times felt as if I wanted to stop trying. But with a dream deeply carved into my heart I have at times stopped. But the seed of the dream kept calling out to me to never stop trying.

First it came as a whisper – ‘Try. Try again.’

Then the volume would increase little by little – ‘Try. You can do it. Why don’t you simply try again.’

Then there was more – ‘Okay so you found out that that way won’t get you where you want to go. Try this. Put yourself at the feet of this master and learn from him.’

And finally, often in the depths of despair I would hear these words being yelled from the deepest part of my being – ‘TRY. TRY. TRY. DON’T STOP TRYING. You have what it takes to see the fulfilment of your dream. It’s okay to stop and catch your breath from time to time, but don’t you dare stop trying. Those who stop trying are weak. You are strong. I believe in you. You can do it. You will do it. You will see the fulfilment of your dreams because you never stop trying.’

Resist The Temptation To Stop Trying

If you are being tempted to stop trying then lean on me and take a hold of the above words.

Stand in front of a mirror as you speak these words out loud to yourself over and over and over until you believe them.

You must never stop trying. You owe it to yourself. You owe it to your children. You owe it to your friends. You owe it to your Creator who made you for nothing less than greatness.

This is a debt that can only be paid by those who refuse to never stop trying.