How to maintaining a healthy lifestyle

10 Ways To Maintain Your Passion Throughout Life

Life’s hard! I think we can all attest to that fact. But it’s not always the hard times that make it such a struggle. It’s often the inconsistency of the good times that bring on frustration (1). We call it ‘hills and valleys’ and it’s what many of us base our emotions on and often, therefore, our success in everything we do. But just like a Stallion can be broken, so too can our wild emotions. I believe we can learn to have more control over the way we react to life and maintain a steady passion for it. So here are some of things that I do to maintain this passion, even in the face of the most dreary times.

we can learn to have more control over the way we react to life and maintain a steady passion for it,
to do that “maintaining a healthy lifestyle”

Live a healthy life.

I know this is stating the obvious and has been mentioned many times before but it can’t be left out of a list like this. The kind of passion I am referring to is fueled by a healthy lifestyle.

Know yourself.

One of the things that is crucial to maintaining passion throughout your life is knowing yourself (2). The more you know about your personality, likes/dislikes, strengths/weaknesses, etc… the better off you will be. Know what tempts and you will have a better chance of enduring temptation. Know what truly drives you and you will most certainly stay driven.

Always do what you believe is right.

One of the things that can really trip you up in life is falling prey to temptation. We may cross the line or venture into shady territory for a chance to get ahead. But the kind of positive passion that I am talking about is fueled by purity of heart. If you don’t feel that what you’re doing is something to be proud of, then it will only be a matter of time before you lose your desire to push ahead.

Keep a routine that helps you pursue your goals.

The more you get to ‘know yourself’ the more you know the kind of routine that you thrive off of. Figure out the daily tasks, events, rituals, that help you stay on task and stay motivated. For me, going for an afternoon run helps me sleep better which helps me have more energy which helps me get more done which…you get the point.

Learn from your mistakes, don’t dwell on them.

I remember a lot of the big mistakes I’ve made so far in my life (notice I said ’so far’), but it is those mistakes that have helped me make some of the better decisions of recent years. This is because I’ve chosen to see these mistakes as a guide on what NOT to do. Not a reason to feel bad. Learn from your history’s mistakes and you won’t repeat them.

Always have a healthy escape ready at a moments notice.

I absolutely love to go the our local radio control airfield (an old airfield that is now used by an RC club to fly radio controlled airplanes). Not just to fly my planes but to just relax and enjoy the scenery. Its a little ways in the country, away from the roads and the sounds of the city. A river runs through the lower field and the sky always seems a little bluer and the air a little fresher when I’m there. This, for me, is one of my main ‘healthy escapes’. Every once in a while, when life seems too much to handle, I’ll go here and just lay on a bench and look up at the clouds. The buzzards, hawks and sometimes a pair of Bald Eagles, like to soar through these clouds. I just dream that I’m one of these birds flying higher and higher. This is a place where I ALWAYS come away more relaxed and content than before I came.

So it is essential that you find your own brand of ‘healthy escapes’ and always keep them near by. Because when the walls start to feel like they’re closing in, you’ll be glad you have a healthy haven to run to.

Encourage others.

One of the great things about encouraging another human being is that you are almost always encouraged in the process. When you are telling someone else to never give up, to keep pushing forward, there’s a part of you that is saying the same thing to yourself. An example in my life is this blog. The more I write about making the most of your days, the stronger my own determination becomes. I want to see you succeed and that makes ME want to succeed.

Always listen but don’t always believe.

It’s very easy to disregard what people say. But in doing so we can miss out on some great advise. There are also a lot of negative ideas going on all the time that are just waiting to sabotage your passion and desire to succeed. So learn to distinguish between the constructive advice the destructive nonsense that often times spews from other peoples mouths.

Stay involved, ESPECIALLY when you don’t feel like it.

Having interaction with others and involvement in activities outside your bubble is always a great thing. But when you are struggling to keep that ‘bounce in your step’, this involvement is even more important. Having other people and activities to get you out of your head is a great way to help you clear you mind. And it is a clear mind that is essential to helping you get through these hard times and back on track with your daily pursuits.

Know when to throttle back.

Sometimes I just start to feel burnt out. I know when this occurs because everything I think about seems pointless or too hard. Trying to push through this is a challenge that may help you grow stronger, but sometimes it’s just better to back off a little and give yourself a break. There’s a difference between pulling yourself out of a slump and pushing yourself too hard. Know the difference and adjust accordingly. But when you start to reach your breaking point, slow down, give yourself the rest you need and you’ll be back on track in no time.