learn from your mistakes On a new way of life

It’s clear that the most massive influx of visitors in the gym occur immediately after the New Year. And this number is significantly reduced in about a week or two after that.

It is clear why this is happening. Haven’t you ever made New Year resolutions? Haven’t you tried to change your life starting from January 1? I’m sure you have! However a very small percentage of people succeed in this.

to truly change your life, what the obstacles are when starting a new life, and how to overcome them, learn from your mistakes On a new way of life

In most cases this desire disappears very quickly. This happens for various reasons – lack of motivation, re-evaluation of your strengths, unrealistically high goals, etc.

If you analyse all these reasons you can understand how to truly change your life, what the obstacles are when starting a new life, and how to overcome them.

I have my own thoughts about this, and I want to share them with you.


There are 4 major mistakes made by people who decide to make serious changes in their lives in order to achieve some kind of serious goals. Some make only one mistake. Others make all of them. What are these mistakes?

Incorrect assessment of your strengths.

More often this is an exaggeration of your abilities rather than their understatement. This leads to the fact that people often set unattainable goals: for example, you want to lose 35 pounds or run a marathon and you’ve never done sports before.

To avoid this mistake you need to see your real strengths and use them properly. You have to assess the time and effort needed to achieve your goals. Once you have assessed what you can reasonably commit – start.

Unwillingness to understand that in order to achieve your goals you need to sacrifice something.

It may be morning sleep, sweet coffee or time spent in social networks. You can’t get anything without any effort. Even to win the lottery you have to buy a ticket.

As for the real goals then you should be prepared to make certain sacrifices. There is a wonderful phrase: “If you want to get something that you have never received then start doing something that you have never done.” It may be very hard to do something unusual, but the main thing is to believe that it will bring you the result.

Inability to wait and plan.

Many people want to get everything at once, here and now. Such an attitude doesn’t lead to anything good – just as perfectionism, which also often causes these desires.

Accept the fact that, first of all, nothing is perfect: you will make mistakes, and that’s fine. The main thing is not to give up.

Secondly, nothing is done immediately. Therefore, it is useful to make a detailed plan that you will follow. Then it will be much easier for you, because every day or week you will reach the next milestone, while performing one of the points of your plan, each of which will bring you closer to your goal.

The absence of a certain goal.

Yes, oddly enough many people don’t aspire to some kind of goal. They just want to make their lives better or they want to earn more money. These goals are unattainable simply because of their indistinctness.

A goal should be:

  • Specific;
  • Achievable within the time and resources that you have;
  • Well planned;
  • Clearly defined, because even the achievement of the wrong goal can lead to disappointment.

Each of these mistakes are made not only by those who want to start a new life, but also by those who want to improve their existing one. Learn from these mistakes and begin to experience new life.