If you want to give up on life, Revaluate Yourself Alongside These 3 Strong-Willed Men

Don t give up motivational – Revaluate Yourself Alongside These 3 Strong-Willed Men

What happens when you venture into a difficult situation? Two choices:

  • Persist.
  • Give up.

Giving up will do you no good, and your excuses act as mere relief for your personal laziness. There’s no point to procrastinate either. We are all equally created human beings, that’s a fact. But some people have stronger motivations to act, some have less and easily retreat from a complicated situation. What makes you have more right to give up than any other person(1)?

If you want to give up on life, Revaluate Yourself Alongside These 3 Strong-Willed Men

Exactly, nothing.

There are a few ways to boost up your mind will to make stronger decisions and persist further. I’d like to introduce you to three men of incredible mind strength and will of persistency.

  1. The Armless Pianist – Liu Wei

It may be a stereotypical thing for you to see an Asian man playing great pieces on the piano, but a man without arms playing isn’t something ordinary. Liu Wei, a young Chinese man lost his arms in his youth during a hide-and-seek game through interference with a high voltage wire, but he continues to strive for his passion – making music with the piano. He pursues his dream to play the instrument with his toes, with his mind strength, he won the first series of China’s Got Talent with his piano playing with toes(2).

Understand that it is hard enough to play keyboards even with fingers, and although he does make a few mistakes but it’s a simply near-impossible skill to master. Key is, imagine having to use the computer, put on clothes, do simple everyday tasks without arms, this is exactly the life of Liu Wei. What’s your excuse now?

  1. The Feetless Basketballer – Matt Scott

Have you ever had the dream to be a professional player at your favourite sport and be a sportstar? It’s a dream many people have, and most believe they won’t achieve it. But Matt Scott did not give up to become a professional basketball player. Even without feet. He trained all day long, persisted and never gave up.

Today, he is a professional disabled basketball player and was nominated with the Best Male Athlete with a Disability ESPY Award. Key is, “giving up” is a phrase simply not found in Scott’s dictionary. If Matt can do it, what is stopping you?

  1. The Limbless Man – Nick Vujicic

Now that you have heard of the armless pianist and the feetless basketballer, what about a man born without all four limbs? Yes, a man as such exists, he has incredible mind power, despite being bullied at school and contemplated suicide in his youth, he broke through the thoughts and decided to stay alive to inspire others. Today, he is a well-known motivational speaker. His positive attitude enabled him to remain positive every single day and lives with no regret nor excuses. His name is Nick Vujicic, and he has even published a book called Life Without Limits, I recommend you to check it out(3).

Imagine yourself without limbs, how can you really get on with life alone with the support of a personal assistant following you all day long? Pretend you were him and imagine all those negative self talks you would give yourself, and all those pressure you get from everyone. I’d feel useless. But with strong mind power, he decides to live happily. Now, compare yourself with Nick. There really isn’t much for you to think, is there?


Revaluate yourself

It’s time to reflect on your moments of wanting to give up. The next time you want to bail out something, imagine it was a case for Liu Wei, Matt Scott or Nick Vujicic – what would they do? Then do it.