Be The Fire Of Inspire

Be The Fire Of Inspire

There is a flame that is lit within my heart every time that I consult with a great mind. It is often sparked by a book, a conversation, a speech, a movie, a song, a scene or even a sign.

And if I am ever ready to be lit up with inspiration, there is an immediate point of ignition from which creative thought, accompanied by corresponding action, is loosed – like rocket fuel. It causes an explosion, and I cannot but be inspired to be transformed into ‘the creator’.

But the fuel best foraged for such momentous events is a life filled with expectation to receive. That alone prepares the recipient for the flash.

For this one has tendered the tinder during the dry times of perspiration and persistence. For this is often the fuel that paves the way for the flood of inspiration that is set to follow; a flood of fire that will engulf all in its path.

It is a consuming burning mass of uniquity’s flame that in turn will then send forth embers designed to inspire one here and another there, so they too can enjoy the eternal flame that has been lit in the hearts of men and women throughout the ages.

For we are as Olympian runners passing the flame one to another until it reaches its destination – the hearts and souls of men.

Refuse to stand as cardboard puppets. Breathe fire. Be as a molten volcano overflowing its rim. Light the candle. Strike the match. Be fired. Be an inferno.

Be inspired. Be an inspiration, and fan ‘the fire of inspire’ to lift you higher and higher. For that same flame that burns within you will warm the multitudes who so desperately seek more than just the cold and leftover morsels that a life lacking in inspiration would only ever offer them to eat.