push ahead and remain true to our dream

Believe that you can and you will, you are worthy of great success

Some years ago, my family were the recipients of a special award that was specially created and handed to us by one of our close friends.

One of the facets of the award was ‘for believing’.

We had just pushed through two years of drought in a new business we had started, and at times it didn’t make much sense to push on.

push ahead and remain true to our dream

During that period we had two choices. One was to push ahead and remain true to our dream; the other was to go back to doing what we had successfully done before. We chose to press on. With our bridges burnt we were going to make certain that our actions backed up what we believed.

Believing or belief is a multi-faceted word that can portray a number of varied meanings. On one side it has very much to do with underlying faith, but at the same time we need to believe in our ability to achieve our goals.

One of the things that makes believing a powerful force within one’s life is when it is backed up with consistency.

If you say that you’re one thing or another, or that you are going to do something, then it is important to make sure that your actions are consistent with your words. Back up what you say with what you do, because belief is more than just words.

It is living out a lifestyle that clearly represents what you believe. In fact, belief is lifestyle. It is the backbone of any dream.

Yells of encouragement echoed throughout the still, cool air of the forest as the four-wheel drive vehicle thundered its way up the steep and badly eroded dirt track. Small boulders were dislodged and spat out down the hill as the vehicles wheels slipped and slid on the muddy earth. The engine revved higher and higher as the driver endeavoured to conquer the obstacle that lay in his path. But again and again, there was one part of the steep gradient that resisted the power of both man and machine.

There were half a dozen other vehicles lined up at the bottom of the hill and the determination of all involved created an air of expectancy. One six cylinder vehicle had already conquered the hill, but this four cylinder was making hard work of it.

We had come upon the scene at the top of the steep hill and after parking our three vehicles, we joined the crowd which had gathered, both young and old, to watch the spectacle. A much smaller vehicle than the first was about to tackle the seemingly impossible.


Quitting wasn’t an option. This mountainous track had to yield and so, yet again, the smaller vehicle’s engine cut through the bush silence as it once again sought to traverse over rock, dirt and gravel. Like a surf ski that cuts through the surf, the vehicle cut through the dirt as if it was gliding over the very rocks that had resisted its path time and time again.

Before we could catch our breath it finally conquered the hill.

Cheers erupted both at the bottom and the top of the steep gradient. Yet another victory in Chichester Forest on a long weekend’s camping trip.


This event demonstrated to me that belief is a multi-faceted word that requires the additional ingredients of visualisation, action and support in order for a result to be successfully arrived at.

The driver’s of the vehicles showed their belief by:

Believing that the mountainous track could be conquered.

Inherent in each of the drivers that chose to conquer this seemingly impossible track was that they never considered not conquering it. They just simply sought the way to reach the top. It was never a question of will we? It was rather when will we?

Surrounding themselves with a cheersquad of fellow believers.

It is so important to surround yourself with a support group of fellow believers. Choose them wisely. You don’t need opposition. You require encouragement all the way. They in turn add power to your belief.

Visualising themselves at the top of the mountainous track.

Each of the drivers saw them and their vehicle at the top. They even visualised how they were to overcome any hindrances along the way. Their mental picture was always one of complete and utter victory.

Driving their vehicle to the top.

There came a point when they had to hop in their vehicle and drive. They had to drive it hard, fast and smart. This action supported by their belief got the job done.

Be as the drivers of these four-wheel drive vehicles. Your vehicle is your life and you are worthy of great success.

Motivational Quote: Believe that you can and you will.