what true friendship is? 5 Traits Of A True Friend

about true friendship, 5 Traits Of A True Friend

I received a phone call last night from a friend I hadn’t seen in many a year. And yet it was as if we’d spoken only yesterday. What I love about this friend is their honesty. That’s always been a fine quality in their life. They carry no airs or graces. They are fragile, humble, and always encouraging.

Be a true friend, and you in turn will find yourself surrounded by a company of people

And that’s when I reflected on what traits are those that I have discovered in what I would call a true friend. Here are five for you to ponder and measure yourself against as a true friend.

A True Friend Is Conversational

What I mean by conversational is that they not only talk, but also take time to listen. It is not one-sided conversation, but rather a balanced interaction between two hearts and minds that leaves both parties uplifted and enlightened.(1) Conversation is not forced, but rather flows like liquid gold.

A True Friend Is Available

No matter how busy life gets, a true friend will always make time to meet, to talk or to listen. It is that availability that makes this friendship so special, and will grow from strength to strength.

A True Friend Is Sensitive

Rather than being someone who sucks the very life out of their relationship, a true friend is aware of the needs of the other person. They know when it’s time to be there, and they also know when it’s time to leave, and even at times to keep silent. We all need our own space from time to time, and a true friend won’t be offended by this, but will continue to be a true friend with great understanding and compassion.

A True Friend Is Humble

True friendship cannot last if built upon a foundation of pride, boasting or competition. So any communication between true friends is covered by a generous sprinkling of humility where both parties cheer on each of their successes, and comfort each other in their losses. The relationship is built upon the win/win philosophy.

A True Friend Is Faithful

No matter what rumors or bad reports are circulated about someone’s friend, the true friend will communicate directly with their friend and stand with them through the fire or the flood. Forgiveness reigns when mistakes are made. Sorry is a word quickly uttered if hurt is incurred. And through faithfulness, the friendship is forever strengthened.

So be a friend. But not only that. Be a true friend, and you in turn will find yourself surrounded by a company of people whom you can call your true friends.