Why Your Written Life Vision Is Non-Negotiable

Why You Need Non-Negotiable Core Values to Succeed in Life and Business

It’s a fact, that without a vision you’re dead.

However, with a vision you have defined the purpose for which you will rise from your bed each and every morning – to go yet again and again and again.

Why Your Written Life Vision Is Non-Negotiable

No matter whether you find yourself in the valley, or upon the mountaintop, the vision will continue to sustain you and to guide you.

Your Life Compass

For vision is your compass to lead you through the smoke, the fire, the fog, the hail, the rain, the sunshine and even the haze – step by step – one step at a time.

At times vision comes as a blazing light, but then at other times it will reveal itself as a single lit match whereby you will take one seemingly treacherous step forward.

However, with that step – when your mind declares that you are about to fall into a dark abyss, you will actually plant your foot firmly established on solid earth. Simultaneously it is here that you find yourself further along the path that leads you all the way to the fulfillment of your vision.

Vision’s Friends

Vision, accompanied by her friends faith and wisdom, will cause you to lift up your eyes higher than you ever thought you could look, to dig deeper than you ever believed you could dig, and to stretch further than you ever thought you could have stretched, to reach further than you ever thought you could reach, and they will empower you to be more than you ever thought that you could become.

A vision draws you and at times it will be the only thing that will literally drag you – as a chain – through the muck and through the mire – because you know that no matter what you experience on the way – there is another side.

With vision there is a firm footing. There is a future. There is a hope. There is a plan. And there is a way.

For your vision is the breath of your life – the resuscitation, the propulsion, the pull, and the thread that is so vital for a life filled with purpose.

Get A Vision

So get a vision. Nurture that vision. Stick with that vision for your life, your business or career, and for your family. Hold on to it tightly and never let it go.

Vision will secure you and at times even save you. So too will it settle you, while filling your life with solidity that will stand you in good stead in order to shine throughout the test of time.

Write Your Vision

While we’re discussing vision write down your vision in your journal. And do it often. For it is so easy, through life’s distractions, to lose sight of your original vision, yet with each written form your vision takes it becomes more defined and more believable.

There is no right or wrong way to write your vision. It’s simply non negotiable that you must, if you wish to live an extraordinary life, set yourself apart from ninety-five per cent of the population by doing it right away.