5 Tasty Tips how to get motivated

5 Tasty Tips how to stay motivated

Staying constantly motivated and driven takes some effort. Nobody has achieved greatness, or their own personal dreams, without encountering opposition on the way.

Some research into the most remarkable of people will confirm this. Those who believe that achievement is reliant on financial or environmental circumstances have never delved into the lives of some of the most successful people in every field from A to Z.

You are in control of your own destiny, which includes the choice of companions on the journey.

Success relies almost completely on inner environment, and the mind needs as much proper nourishment as the rest of the body.

What then are the recipes for success?

Here are just a few essential ingredients…

A large measure of positive thinkers:

Everyone has heard that loud sigh of exasperation when one person has suggested a possible avenue for resolving a situation that another finds ridiculous. ‘Oh pleeeez’, has crushed more spirits than Ghostbusters.

You will never find anyone on a top sports person’s team telling them that they cannot achieve a set goal. Managers, trainers and physiotherapists are all there for the specific purpose of creating a winner. Build your own support team to strengthen you and to work on those occasional sprains and bruises inflicted by opponents.

A generous helping of self-motivation:

Keep a visual reminder of what you aim to achieve where it cannot be missed: on a mirror, or as a screen-saver on your computer. Leave short, encouraging notes to yourself in places you regularly visit, like the fridge.

Make a point of looking yourself in the eye every time you pass a mirror and saying something inspirational to yourself; loudly if you are at home, but a little more subtly if in a public place.

Cover books or other study materials with your favorite pictures or quotes to make them seem less forbidding.

A pinch of meditation:

Spending some quiet time alone to reflect on exactly where you are in relation to your set aim can be very beneficial for ironing out a few creases if necessary, or being thankful if none exist.

It is also perfect for contemplating the friendships, family ties and opportunities that enrich your life. If family or friends are few, and you generally face tougher circumstances than others may, then be thankful for your ambition to improve and remind yourself of the countless number of successful people who have overcome similar, or even worse, conditions.

A sprinkling of good entertainment:

Take time out for fun activities unrelated to your main focus. Enjoy a movie or a day out with friends, and only discuss the current entertainment or general happenings. Catch up on the lives of those closest to you, and encourage them in their endeavors. Stepping away for a while can reinvigorate enthusiasm and commitment to specific aims.

Music to taste:

Listen to music that lifts your spirits; whatever genre it may be. Avoid lyrics that describe the loss of the farm, the livestock and a loved one unless, of course, it ends with the complete recoupment of all that was lost. Music is true solace for an embattled soul and should be added generously to any activity, whether it is study or exercise.

Staying constantly motivated and driven does take a little effort, but the rewards are tremendous if this is accomplished. That suffocating feeling that comes with the fear of failure is far less likely to afflict you when constant reinforcement is being fed into an eager mind.

You are in control of your own destiny, which includes the choice of companions on the journey. Choose wisely and you will travel the path to success with enthusiasm, excitement and a wonderful sense of expectancy. (1)