Why We Should Think & Grow Rich

The Science Behind “Think and Grow Rich” And Why It Works

Like many other millions of human beings I have read the classic ‘Think & Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill(pictured).

But the title and contents of this life changing book begs the question, ‘why do we need to think and grow rich?’

Why We Should Think & Grow Rich

I live in a land where people often fail to see how rich we really are. I know for a fact that, when even in our personal darkest financial hour, my family and I never went hungry or ever wanted for a roof over our head. There was a short period of time when we lived in a garage, but it was still a roof and we were able to make it into a comfortable home.

Now I’m not fool enough to think that, for whatever reason, there are not those who suffer these indignities in our land, but when we take a look at overseas (and I have personally spent some time in some very poor Third World Nations) it is clear to see that as a whole we are a nation blessed with opportunity and possibility – if we choose to think this way, and if we choose to act this way.

But Does Being A Billionaire Make You Rich?

There are two billionaires in my country, one deceased and the other living, that I would like to share with you.

The one who died left behind a situation where his mistress ended up taking his family to court in order to pursue monies that she said had been promised by the deceased. Such a situation brings to question the definition of rich. Although rich in monetary terms, it seemed that this man had been somewhat of a pauper when it came to relationships and commitment to his wife and family.

Then now for the living – of late his actions with fellow workers, as reported in the press – have depicted the man as extremely poor in relation to people skills and wisdom when it comes to the handling of people who are close to him.

The Day I Started To Think & Grow Rich

When I moved to the city I have now lived in for over ten years, I reached one of the lowest points in my life, again, where I was convinced that I could never gain suitable employment there, and that I would have to leave my family for bigger cities in order to secure a job.

But I started to think.

I looked at what I had in my own hands, and remembered that I had made a decision many years before, that I would never work for another man in a full time capacity ever again.

I thought possibility.

I thought ‘what if?’

That’s when I spent all my savings and attended an Internet Marketing seminar.

That’s when I shared some free online tutorials with my son about the language of the Internet.

That’s when I approached my 14-year-old son about starting a web design business as he had been transformed into an Internet guru, and had developed the ability and skill to build the engines that ran websites.

That’s when I walked down Leda Drive West Burleigh with some advertising cards.

That’s when I returned home, having sold five websites on my first day in business, and had to find a web designer to help me fulfill what I had just promised.

Seven years later, that’s when we sold the web design business and my two eldest children, who had worked with me in the company, launched their own online businesses, and I was freed to pursue other business opportunities.

If you have not yet read ‘Think & Grow Rich’ then why not purchase a copy now.

This Is What Rich Means To Me

Rich is the ability to create something from nothing.

Rich is to be able to teach your children that nothing is impossible to them if they believe.

Rich is to listen to those who say that you can’t while you just go ahead and do it anyway.

Rich is to be willing to take a risk, and even if it fails you live for another day, and are wiser from the experience.

Rich is to be able to swim upstream.

Rich is to be your own boss and to be the definer of your own destiny.

Rich is to rise every morning because you are excited about creating something of significance.

Rich is to spend your day the way you want to spend your day.

Rich is to dream big dreams and to execute the plans to see their fulfilment.

Rich is to be surrounded by family and friends who love and respect you for who you are.

Rich is to have all your needs met and to be in a position to even pursue your wants.

Rich is to be able to give a hand up to others.

Rich is to be able to help others to become rich.

Rich is to know the freedom of liberty.

Rich is to have clothes on your back, food in your belly, a roof over your head and a dream in your heart.

Rich is to be loved and to love.

Rich is more than stuff. Rich is having more than enough so that you can share your stuff.

You & I Have A Responsibility To Think & Grow Rich

Yes that is right. You and I have a responsibility to think and grow rich. We live in a world of abundance. Think rich. Grow rich.

My observation, particularly of those in business who continue to complain how hard their life is, is this. They lack one essential ingredient, or maybe two that could make them rich.

They lack imagination.

They lack creativity.

There is always a better way.

I thought I had to leave my home to find riches in another city, but when I considered the possibilities in my own hands I was able to create something of significance that would assist both my family and I to think and grow rich.

The more we have used the power of rich thinking, the richer we have become.

Join us as we grow!

How are you using the power of think and grow rich in your life?