5 Keys To Safe Dream and Never ever let dream stealer being take away your dream

Hold On To Your Dream and Never ever let dream stealer being take away your dream

Some years ago I found myself embroiled in an ugly legal threat devised by men who had nothing better to do than to lure their prey into a net, and even before both myself and two other parties knew it, we were the victims of some vicious personal attacks aimed at destroying both ourselves and our businesses, and even some dear relationships that had been reforged between the time I first met these men until when the attacks began.

Dreams that are not anchored in reality and lack structure or outcome can be crushed by “dream stealers.”

The sad thing is that these men were not what I would call stupid men. They were seemingly gifted with great talent, but had allowed themselves, because of past challenges faced, to seek devious ways to get ahead. And one of their greatest ploys seemed to be that if their dreams were seemingly unachievable, that they would seek to steal or destroy the dreams of others in the process. How childish!

So how do you guard yourself against these dream stealers? (1)

Here are just a few ways that I have, through experience, not only kept my dream in tact, but at the same time ever-expanded my dreams.

Find Your Dream

The first thing is to have a dream. This can only be acquired if you ask yourself some serious questions. Have a conversation with yourself and ask yourself this question: ‘If time and money were not restricted in any way, what would I do, have or be?’ Answer that and you will begin to unwrap not only your past, but also your future and your present. Most importantly don’t forget to write it down.

Hold On To Your Dream

Never ever let another human being take away your dream. They may take your house, your car, your business, and your bank account – but as long as you hold onto your dream all those things are replaceable.

Share Your Dream

Be selective in your sharing. For no matter what happens in your life, you need to surround yourself with a company of people who will cheer you on. By sharing your dream openly you are crystallizing it in your own mind, while at the same time positioning yourself as one who is held accountable in the pursuit of your dream.

Secure Your Dream

Unfortunately, the world is full of doubters who question anyone who calls him or herself a dreamer. You will hear the following: ‘How dare you think that you can do that? What right have you to think that you can have that? You’re not qualified. You don’t have the ability. You’re not sufficiently skilled or educated’, and on it goes. Ignore the naysayers.

Pursue Your Dream

The great thing about doing business for myself is that I don’t have to ask anyone’s permission to succeed. I simply get an idea and then follow it. Now there have been times that I have hit roadblocks. But some of those stoppages have taught me the best lessons. So I simply get up, dust myself off and go again on the highway of successful dream fulfillment.


So be alert. There are dream stealers all around you and I. They may even be in your family. But do not allow them to steal the dream that, once achieved, will even bless the thieves who endeavoured to rob you of your life’s destiny.

follow your dream.