How To Be Kicked Around By Life But Never Kept Down

Things To Remember When Life’s Really Kicking You In The Ass

I hear so many people whingeing about the economy – that they are unable to get a job, that there is no opportunity or that they don’t seem to be able to earn enough money.

The overriding word evident in their vocabulary is ‘CAN’T’!

I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to do something that a business coaching student of mine asked me to do when I first coached him – ‘kick me in the butt!’

How To Be Kicked Around By Life But Never Kept Down

There is no word such as ‘can’t’.

Life has a habit of kicking us all around at some point, throughout our years of discovering what we were born for, but that doesn’t mean that we have to be kept down. These are periods in our life where character, integrity and grit are being forged into our backbone. It is the rough patches in our life that will do one of two things. They will either make us or they will break us.

If you follow my instructions in this article then they will make you. They will also fill your life with powerful overcoming stories that in the years to come, as you begin to share them with others, will help others to become over-comers just like you.

My greatest stories were recorded in some of my darkest hours. In retrospect I wouldn’t have been anywhere else – even though at the time I wasn’t enjoying them very much.

Tips to Help You Kick Off Your Self-Discovery Journey

So here are five powerful statements, which if applied to your life will ensure that you are never kept down.

  1. Take Personal Responsibility For Your Future

I recently wrote about this in another article and the response from my readers was mixed. 50% of my readers got mad, while the other 50% were cheering me on.

In this day and age there are those who are not willing to take responsibility for their lives. They believe that it is the responsibility of their parents, their government, their employer, and anybody else in authority in their life to take the responsibility for their lives. Wrong!

You’re an adult. It’s time to grow up and take responsibility for your own life.

Sorry if that upsets some of you, but those who succeed in this life are those who have taken full responsibility for their own lives.

How To Be Kicked Around By Life But Never Kept Down

If you can’t get employment, then start a business. If you don’t know how to start a business go and do a course to learn how to create a business. But whatever you do – do something. Learn to sell – for if you can sell you will eat while others starve.

Find someone who is in business and ask to work for them for free. That’s right. Stop always looking for the hand out. Look for the hand up. Entrepreneurs will in most cases help those who are willing to help themselves.

I have a lot of people come to me for ‘free’ advice – but I generally give them a few hoops to jump through before I give it. The first thing that I ask them to do is to write down in detail what they have told me and then email it to me. Some people can’t even do that. The fact is they are not successful because they are simply lazy.

Lazy people will never succeed. Until they get off their backside they will continue to be kicked around and kept down from fulfilling their life’s potential.

  1. Take A Course In Something That You Are Passionate About

Education is a wonderful thing, but when you left school that was a signal for you to begin to get truly educated in line with your passions.

If you are passionate about something you will want to learn everything there is about that subject.

But the trouble with most people – dare I say 97% of humanity – is that they chase the money rather than the dream.

They settle for the job in preference to the pursuit of their passion.

Sign up for a course aligned with your passion today and watch your life be transformed. It may be a harder road, that may take a longer time to reach success, but at least you will be happy all the way.

  1. Take Charge Of What Comes Out Of Your Mouth

For some of my readers, your greatest enemy is your own mouth. Out of it flows a mix of positive and negative words. For everything positive you say the negative words cancel them out.


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No wonder your life looks like a yo-yo.

Watch closely what comes out of your mouth. Make yourself accountable to somebody who will pick you up each time you utter a negative word.

Negative words are poisonous and they will destroy you.

Never underestimate the power of the negative. But at the same time never underestimate the power of the positive.

How To Be Kicked Around By Life But Never Kept Down

There is death and life in your tongue. So decide which power is going to emit from your lips before you open your mouth.

  1. Take A Look Up While You’re Down

While ever you are down because of circumstances that may be totally out of your control, there is one thing that you can do – and that is look up.

As a Christian my faith has sustained me throughout my darkest hours – and it has been as I have called upon the ‘General of the Universe’ that answers have come and solutions have been found.

I don’t care what religion you aspire to having – but don’t underestimate the power of faith in your life and the spiritual dimension that is found within each and every human being.

Look up – for from there comes your help.

  1. Take A Chance Where Others Fear To Tread

Fear will destroy you. So take action and step out in faith into areas unknown, and watch what wonderful things will appear in your life.

Fear paralyses you. Don’t allow it to bind you up. Do something. Make the phone call. Send the email. Knock on doors. Write in your journal. Read a positive book. Reach out for a mentor.

But whatever you do – do something.

Take a chance.

Go where others fear to go and become a leader in that field. I dare you!