How To Benefit From Defining Your Own Success

Importance of Defining Success in Your Life

We live in a media-driven world where many stereotypes of success are relentlessly thrust at us. At times these stories and these images can confuse us, and we can find ourselves at times pursuing a pattern of success that is not correctly aligned to what we have been born for.

How To Benefit From Defining Your Own Success

Ways to Define Your Own Success

That is why you – separate to what you have seen or heard proclaimed as the attributes or trappings of true success – must discover your own personal definition of what success means to you.

And once you have unveiled your own personal definition of success, the following four things happen…

  1. You Remove Pressure

That’s right. You’re released. You’re unchained. You are at peace with yourself. You are comfortable in your own skin. The only pressure applied to your life is now only whatever pressure you apply upon yourself that is in line with your definition of personal success.

  1. You Remove Feelings Of Inadequacy

You are more than adequate to reach the success that you have defined. God creates no mistakes. You’re perfect for what you need to do in order to succeed.

  1. You Remove The Need To Live Up To Someone Else’s Expectations

It really doesn’t matter what others think. It’s what you think about yourself that will allow you to succeed at your own pace, and in your own unique manner. You set the bar and rise to it without the interference of others.

How To Benefit From Defining Your Own Success
  1. You Are Free To Succeed – Your Way

How liberating is that. Each of us are running our own race. We are not competing for the ‘success gold medal’ against every other member of the human race. You have defined what success means to you and will run the race set before you as a successful human being.

So do it today. Don’t waste a minute. Define your own success, and succeed you will.