Have You Ever Wanted to Rescue Yourself from Your Past?

Bringing Up The Past In Arguments: Dealing With It + How To Stop Doing It

Life is a battlefield, and we are the soldiers engaged in the battle for our future.

Along the way many of us have been wounded. And many of us have been healed, and yet there are many of us that although we appear healed on the surface our wounds are left festering beneath.

This comes in the form of blaming that our past has impacted our future. It is also found in the unforgiveness still held against the offenders who may have wounded us.

Have You Ever Wanted to Rescue Yourself from Your Past?

The result?

Stunted growth. Opportunities lost. Potential waylaid.

This must stop if we are to move forward, and to better understand this we must listen to our physical body. For when we cut our flesh, the body responds immediately and says, ‘Be healed’, and the healing of the wound continues on to completion(1).

In the same way we must look at all the emotional hurts and wounds, and declare ‘Be healed’, and move on with our lives.

Stop Digging In The Past To Find Happiness. Do This Instead!

So here are three things that can take you from a state of retarded growth and thrust you forward into the abundant bursting forth of new life and opportunity that you should experience.

  1. Bury The Past

The past is the past. The only thing to do with it is to dig a big hole and thrust it into that hole and cover it with dirt. Someone has once suggested that we write all our hurts on a piece of paper and then either burn it or rip it up into minuscule pieces(2).

  1. Stop Digging Up The Past

Hold your tongue whenever you are tempted to talk about the past hurts. And if certain company you keep always sparks the flames of those old wounds, it might be time to change your company – for the sake of your future.

  1. Let Go Of The Past

Tears dry. Wounds heal. Hurts lose their power with time. It’s okay to mourn and to be sad, but remind yourself that your past is your past, and that you have a wonderful opportunity to create a fresh future.

Every morning is a new morning, and there is always sunshine after the storm.