You Have to Pay the Price to Achieve Success

Being Successful and it’s Cost. Are you ready to Pay?

Have You Got What It Takes To Pay The Price Of Success?

In order to receive the rich rewards of success there is a price to be paid.

Many seek success, but few are willing to make the necessary investment in order to secure it.

Are you one who will pay, or are you someone who wants a free ride?

You Have to Pay the Price to Achieve Success

I have personally found that if you are willing to pay the price required of each of us to achieve success that the rewards are richer than I could have ever imagined. It is actually not what you achieve, but what you become along the way and who you help along the way, that makes it so rich and rewarding.

Here are some questions that you need to consider before embarking upon success road.

Am I willing to invest in my long-term future, even if that means experiencing short-term sacrifice?

On my personal journey towards success I cleaned houses, packed supermarket shelves, mowed lawns, and basically did whatever it took to care for my family while in the pursuit of success.

And no matter what job I undertook, and how menial the task, I did them with 110% effort. Even while renting other people’s houses I cared for them as my own. During a six month period when I didn’t own a car, and was loaned a car by a friend on weekends, I would return that car cleaner on the Sunday than it was delivered to me on the Friday.

I did all these things because I understood that I was investing in my future. I believe in the law of sowing and reaping, and if I continued to sow good seed I knew that I would ultimately reap good crops(1).

Are you willing to make that investment?

I wrote first class articles and songs long before I was paid for my published works.

I knew that where preparation met opportunity there would be success. Even to this day I excel in my preparation. When no one else can see it I choose to do everything that I do with a spirit of excellence – for I know it is my ongoing investment towards my future success.

Can I learn to focus?

We live in a distracted age, but success requires laser-like focus.

In order to focus effectively, here are five strategies that will help you in not only creating focus, but in also maintaining focus for the long-term.

Chart your course in detail

Write down, in bullets points if you have to, every step that is required by you to complete your target. The more detailed the more focused, and the more accurate in preparation for the execution.

Create deadlines

Have deadlines for today, for this week, for this month, for 90 days time, 6 months’ time and even 12 months’ time. Deadlines written down create internal pressure, that when applied to your life give birth to creativity and activity whilst assisting your focus.

Make a list every day

Take a blank sheet of paper at the end of each day and write numbers 1, 2, 3,4, 5, 6. Then list the six activities that will move you further along the path towards your dream or your goal. Once you have the list then prioritize it from the most to the least important. Cross each one off as you go. If any are unfinished at the end of the day, then take a fresh sheet of paper and number it 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and add the undone activity from today to tomorrow’s list.

Conduct regular checkups

Measure everything you do. Set benchmarks that you can analyze to see how you’re progressing. Do this daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly. Evaluation will be your kindest friend, steering you like a compass towards your destination. Pause on a regular basis to ask yourself the question, ‘How am I progressing?’

Be accountable

I currently coach 5 individuals – some in business for themselves, some moving towards entrepreneurship in the future. We meet either in person or over the phone for an hour every week. They have made themselves accountable to me, and they are all below the age of 25. Wow! I wish I had had as much commonsense at their age. It took me nearly another 20 years on top of that before I truly understood the power of coaching or mentoring and of accountability. So start early with this and pave the way for rich success in your life(2).

Can I see the finish at the start

With the end in mind at the beginning, and to have it written down, you are positioning yourself for success.

The dream will draw you. The goal will gird you.

You Have to Pay the Price to Achieve Success

Don’t look at the valleys. Keep your eyes on the mountain top.

The winner visualizes at the starting gate him or her passing through the tape at the end of the race. See it. Write it. Speak it. Dream it, and watch it materialize.

Am I willing to commit to continuous learning?

When you left school that was when, unknowingly for many, we were all invited to enroll into the ‘University of Success’.

Have you registered?

To start this course you may like to check out ‘The 15 Books That Destroyed My Mediocre Life’. Read those books and your mind will be expanded in such a way that it will never return to its former state.

Most people rarely read more than one book in any given year. But my challenge to you is to devour a book, such as those that I recommend, every month. That equates to 12 life-changing books in a year.

Also set up Google Reader on your computer and subscribe to blogs of the same quality as Motivational Memo. On there I list over a dozen other blogs that provide quality inspirational and motivational material. So subscribe to them as well.

A daily dose of power packed motivational, inspirational, personal developmental, positive psychology will transform your mind and change your life.

But you must be consistent if you really wish to pay the price of success.

So are you up to it?

I believe you are.

In fact – know this – I believe in you, possibly more than you believe in yourself at the moment.

But simply grab a hold of my belief and use it as fuel to carry you ever forward along success road.

So how are you currently paying the price of success? Share it with us here.