Breakout To Victory and overcometh the world

If you found yourself stuck, stagnant or wallowing in mediocrity, must overcometh the world

As I hear the stories of others, and consider my own story and my own journey, I have realized that the periods where I found myself stuck, stagnant or wallowing in mediocrity have been a result of my willingness to stay under the circumstance rather than rising above it and taking command.

found yourself stuck, stagnant or wallowing in mediocrity, must overcometh the world

But in order to live a full life I have discovered that I need to refrain from bending my knee as a slave to the circumstances. I choose now to rise up as a Five Star General and take control. I listen to my genius. I re-identify my uniqueness. I take stock of my shelf full of talents and develop them. I survey within, while at the same time observing my surrounds. I dig trenches, re-arm myself for battle, create a battle plan and then charge.

These have been my breakout moments – drawing upon the power invested in me by my Creator. Aided by His courage I have declared, ‘I might have lost the battle, but I’m going to win the war’. I am going to re-group, re-equip and regain my self respect. I am going to go again! No matter if it is the eleventh hour, or the sun is setting on all those around me, I will blaze. I will fire. I will tap into that genius. I will dig deep within until I find that jewel – that peculiar diamond that was deposited in me the very day I was born.

Out of six billion there is only one smile like mine, one thought like mine, one personality and one voice like mine. So I choose to speak. And no matter how the world may respond, or even at times try to gag me, I will shout above the crowd. I shall be heard. For this is my breakout. This is my liberty and this is my birthright.

The mistakes of the past will not bury me as dirt fills a grave, but rather the more dirt thrust upon me the more I will stamp my feet in protest, and the higher I will rise. I will stand head and shoulders above the dust. I will soar further and reach farther beyond my wildest dreams and my greatest hopes. This is my breakout. This is my divine destiny – my life for the taking.

As Emerson wrote so eloquently ‘no matter how often defeated, you are born to victory!’ Choose to break out to victory. Victory is at your mercy and will yield by sharing her spoils with you. Make it your decree that you will not cease fighting until victory is yours.