From Physical Disability To Possibility & Why You Are Able

to have a disability does not necessarily mean that you have a physical incapacity or even a mental incapacity

Some of the most disabled people that I have ever come across in my life were not ill, had both legs, both arms, were in their right state of mind and to look at them close up, had nothing that would have denoted them as disabled at all.

However, when it came to dealing with the day-to-day life issues that face us all, they were totally and completely dysfunctional.

From Physical Disability To Possibility & Why You Are Able

The fact is this: to have a disability does not necessarily mean that you have a physical incapacity or even a mental incapacity.

It’s more a matter of the heart and the soul of the individual.

If you know that you are living well below your potential. If you are convinced that you are earning way below your earning potential and are constantly having to fight through a wall of self-doubt and unbelief, then I have great news for you.

Although you are currently disabled, I have some powerful and simple keys that I am going to share with you that, if you take action and apply them immediately, will transport you from a state of disabled to enabled.

Destroy the fable of disable by creating a stable enable.

From Physical Disability To Possibility

My wife Shelley worked at the Royal North Shore hospital when we were first married. Her role as a Spinal Research Educator was to enlighten school children on how to avoid the devastating reality of spinal injury.

As she walked throughout the wards full of paraplegics and quadriplegics, it became very clear to her that prevention was a far better alternative than ignorance.

Diving into unknown water depths was stupidity. Not wearing a full-faced helmet when riding a bike was asking for trouble, and a number of other common circumstances were clearly presented to the children so that they would at least be given a chance to think before they did things that could produce a lifetime of immobility.

One of the common things that Shelley noticed amongst her disabled colleagues was the anger that many of them had towards their circumstances. Among them were many sportsmen, who because of a neck injury were now faced with a lifetime of never being able to play the sports they loved and to never live a life like they had lived before.

But in amongst the angry ones there were those who chose to rise above their circumstances. Many of them had taken up sports and some had even taken part in the Para-Olympics where they now competed at the international level.

What was the difference between them and those who chose to wither in their wheel chairs?

It’s quite simple. It had everything to do with what was happening on the inside of their twisted and disabled bodies; within both their hearts and minds.

Declare this: “I am more than able!’

Let’s learn from these elite athletes.

The Driving Force Of An Established Dream

First and foremost you and I must establish a huge dream. This must not just be a figment of your imagination. It must be a driving force that will catapult you into each and every day that you face.

I know that I harp on this subject time and time again. But it is of vital importance. And as I talk to many people I realise that too many are living a nightmare because they have failed to do the most important thing, and that is to clearly identify their personal dream.

Without a dream in place your life will be a living nightmare. And without a vision for your life, you will perish.

Get a vision. Get a passion. Get a mission. Get an obsession.

Try this. Try that. Make mistakes. Take a risk. Listen to those who are where you want to be.(1) Interview them. Shout them a coffee. Take them out to lunch. Learn from them and take notes.

Do what you love and love what you do. While ever you are doing what you don’t love, you are taking up the space on planet earth that should be occupied by someone else. Get out of the road and get on with your dream.

Until you are in the flow of your dream and your passion you are operating in disability mode.(2) You’re limping towards your future when you should really be running.

Arm Yourself With Pen & Paper

Right now, if you haven’t done so, get a blank note pad and start to write down all the things you want to do, have, be or go to. Write until you’re having trouble holding your pen. The process of writing is going to unlock your brain to the huge possibilities that lie before you and the hidden desires that are currently lying dormant within your heart.