An App For Getting Into Action, Why Taking Action Is Important For Success

An App For Getting Into Action, How to Take Action

Action is a vital ingredient for someone to achieve success in their life. So when a tool comes along in the form of an app that can assist us in getting into action and to be held accountable for our actions – I think it can only help.

So rather than telling you all about it, I have asked the following questions to Danny Stone of Von Nostrum Games – the creators of iAction™.

An App For Getting Into Action, How to Take Action

1) Danny, why is this App different / what makes it special?

Other Apps are glorified to-do lists. Whilst this serves an important purpose, people can often find themselves doing a lot of things, keeping busy, and yet without going in the ultimate direction that they want to go.

iAction™ gets you thinking, moving and striving on the path that you really want to be on – ultimately getting you to act based on the principles that are core to you, rather than being based on external stimuli of the moment – making you happy doing the things that you really want to do!

2) How did you come up with the idea?

After reading many books, researching, and working on the personal development subject, we looked for a mobile App based on the shared / common psychological principles. We didn’t find any App, so decided to take action and to make one ourselves!

3) What are these principles you speak of?

These principles are the common themes that run through the well researched and clear self-help and personal development books.

Although they may be called different things by different authors the concepts are parallel: ideas like –

  • ➩ ‘putting first things first’ – prioritising the important over what seems urgent;
  • ➩ ‘beginning with the end in mind’ – knowing you have an ultimate goal / personal mission, before focusing your energies on actions to get you there; and
  • ➩ ‘taking one step at a time’ – breaking down your long term goals into manageable short term ones.

4) How does your App use them / how does it work?

Based on the sophisticated psychological principles, iAction™ provides you with a simple framework that focuses your attention on determining what your long term goals are and to then give you the motivation required to achieve them by breaking them down into smaller short term actions.

Such that, the track it takes you on is it to:

  • a. Fix in your mind exactly what you desire
  • b. Determine a date by which you want it
  • c. Create a plan for getting your desire and,
  • d. Start at once putting it into action

5) I’m busy now with many other commitments – so how does this help to make time for extra things?

When you don’t think that there are enough hours in the day to accomplish and do the things that you really want to, iAction™ has been precisely developed to make it possible! It is the iPhone App that helps you focus your attention, to concentrate your efforts, on achieving the goals that are truly important in life by opening the possibilities for making the time in the day to do the things that you want to! After creating a mission that is personal to you, by dedicating a few minutes at the beginning of each week, you input a task that is directed along your desired path. It’s not about making extra time in the day for more things – rather, the purpose is to ensure that for a brief time during the week you are utilising the time, in moving towards an objective which is truly important to you.

6) What are your future plans?

We’re constantly looking for feedback to help make improvements to the App. We would welcome some of your dedicated fans who are familiar with these concepts to try it out, to hear what they think – so if any of your readers believe this would interest them, we’d be delighted to give some copies away to the first few responders! They just need to contact us at info(at) and mention that they heard about us at Motivational archely.

Our aim is to make it the tool for people wanting to pursue a personal development / life planning program. Based on user feedback we have recently submitted an update to Apple to include great features like: exporting events to iCal and Google calendar, highlighting when you complete goals, selecting specific motivational words and pictures for each of your goals, and many more!