Approach Your Personal Growth From A Different Angle

personal development plan From A Different Angle

Time is given to us to manage it. But what does this mean in practical terms?

Should we constantly be doing something that challenges us, that teaches us, that forces us to improve? Constantly trying to be better than what we were yesterday, going around the clock forgetting to take even a minute off?

It becomes a habit, addiction to a slight extent, and honestly an obstacle we so desperately tried to overcome at the first place.

personal development plan From A Different Angle

Is it possible to improve all the time?

Whatever someone tells you, the answer will always be no.

You see, we are getting more and more distracted by what we do, and we tend to drift a bit from reality. Why not take that hour just lying around? Why not eat that pizza when you are watching a movie with your friends?

Sometimes life is more than just rules and guidelines. Sometimes we are better off making that unhealthy food choice, deciding to not be productive for the day, watch a movie instead of exercising.

Is there more than just schedules and plans out there?

Of course it is.

I was reading Leo Babauta a couple of days before, and he provoked this very same question.

Discipline is great, but what about living without setting boundaries all of the time?

We have the feeling that we are doing something wrong the minute we start, but are we? Maybe the only thing that is wrong is beating our head over it.

There are people Leo says, that are trying to improve even when doing things like flying in a plane from one place to another.

Sending mails, writing posts, learning some new language on the Rosetta Stone, going through the workout and eating schedule for the next ten days while on vacation.

Sound silly when put this way, huh?

The thing is, it never appears unusual when we are in this circle. Blinded perhaps by the routine, and the discipline we forced upon us years back, we never notice how strange this actually is.

I try making a comparison between me and other people that I know from time to time, only to find out that there is a thing as “too much”.

Maybe we should stop the obsession with the perfect for a while, and start doing things the ordinary way. Tasting them for what they are, we will most definitely go back to our old habits, routine. But why not taste them? Why not see it from a different angle?

Take that time for yourself when you so desperately crave for it. You may enjoy it, who knows? The thing is to change the narrow angle for a moment, while adjusting your perception.

Improvement may come in a different form.

If you are the persistent fella like me, you most definitely ask yourself: how will I improve doing this? You read materials about improvement, refine your sources of information in order to take in only the best, try and implement every healthy habit out there.

So why do this in the first place?

Well for starters, take my example.

I caught myself constantly trying to evolve for better; reading in order to polish my writing skills; keeping a close eye on what I eat, when I eat, and how much I eat in order to look better and be healthier; do countless of hours of exercise for the same reasons; try learning more things just to be better than yesterday, try forcing discipline on myself, in order to be more persistent, more productive.

Then in the middle of all of this, I forgot why I did it in the first place. Sure, I know what my goal is, but sometimes this excessive effort starts to look like something surreal. And after a while I start questioning whether or not all of this is necessary.

That’s how this change will help you a lot.

After letting yourself to relax for a while (hour, day…), you will have a more firm perception on why you are living the life the way you are.

Why you are trying to constantly improve, why you are so different than most people out there.

Either that or you will find enjoyment in some other activities and make room for them in your schedule.

Sometimes we deserve to feel pleasure, and there is nothing wrong with it.

I leave Sundays for this, since then I allow myself to eat what I want, do or not do what I want.

It refreshes me in a way, so I can continue with the same pace I previously had.

Try this and you will find your stress levels dropping instantly, your discipline improving rather than being ruined.

What is more important, you will fall in love even more with your routine and habits. Having your motives rock solid, your will strengthened, your discipline enhanced – you will start loving these “refresh” moments.