10 Ways To make everyday count

10 Ways To making each day count

‘Don’t count the days, make the days count.’ Anon.

I was browsing through a local gift shop when I stumbled across this saying.

A simple statement yet powerful.

So I’m going to take you on a countdown from 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 and then blast off to a life of extraordinary experiences.

blast off to a life of extraordinary experiences

Obviously there are many ways that we can make every day count, but I have chosen the following ten ways that you can begin to make every day count.


  1. Count Your Blessings

Yes, count your blessings 1,2,3. Stop for a moment and take stock of all the good things you have. Write them down. Be thankful firstly for being alive and then expand your list. If it’s for a roof over your head then count it as a blessing. If it’s for friends, food or family, then add them to your list. I’m sure that you can in fact multiply your life if you take the time to count your blessings.

  1. Add Up Your Assets

While you are counting your blessings you should also add up your assets. I’m not just talking about your cars, your houses, your investment properties, your job, your share portfolio or your businesses. I’m talking about your great smile, your sense of humor, your spouse, your children your uniqueness, your giftings, the things that make you you. Take stock of your assets and stand tall – proud of who you are and what you can bring to your world.

  1. Subtract Your Liabilities

We all have weaknesses. But don’t focus on them. Recognize them. Acknowledge them, and either delegate them or remove them. If it is a flaw in your character, ask a dear friend to be the one to whom you can be accountable to, so that refinement can begin. I was recently asked by a young entrepreneur if I could ‘kick his butt’ – they were his words – for a year because he had a tendency towards laziness. My love boots are ready – if he is.

  1. Multiply Your Happiness

Money and stuff won’t make you happy. It is far better to cultivate inner happiness – devoid of the trappings – so that your happiness is secure with or without. Your security is not in the peripheral – which can come and can go, but is built upon the strength of a happy nature that can face anything that life throws at you – with a smile.

  1. Number Your Days

But you’re saying now, ‘I thought you said not to count your days’. No this is a totally different approach. This is taking a blank sheet of paper every day and writing 1,2,3,4,5,6 down one side of the page. Then beside those numbers adding the six most important things that you need to complete that day to move your life or career forward. Then prioritize the list from most important to least important. Then do the list. If any are left undone, then move them on to the next day. And cross off each task once it’s done. At the end of the day discard the sheet and prepare a fresh one today – ready for tomorrow.

  1. Divide Your Doldrums

Don’t allow pressure to build. Deal with problems head-on. Confront your fear instantly. Address tension, disagreement, or misunderstanding as soon as it arises. Break up a problem into smaller bite-size bits and deal with one small part at a time. The best place to see multiplication of peace is to use division when it comes to dealing with your doldrums.

  1. Expect Exponential Growth

What you expect is what you will get. So why expect anything less than exponential growth. This is compound growth. This is record breaking growth. This is ‘off the Richter scale’ growth. Build your life through personal development so that when fast growth happens you will be big enough on the inside to handle the outside growth.

  1. Triple your Training

Get educated. Never stop learning. Read much. Study plenty. Find a mentor. Associate with winners. Spend time in the company of big thinkers. Triple your efforts in this area. Join your local library. Be a bookworm at your local bookstore. Read online materials. Sign up to the hottest blog in your area of passion and interest. Expand your brain and grow, grow, grow.

  1. Double Your Efforts.

Do twice as much as the next fellow. Double energy. Double attention. Take double notes. Read double quantities of books. Double your exercise of your body, mind and spirit. Double your health program. Double your love. Double your input. Double your output. Double your solitude. Double your interaction. See double. Do double. Be double, and watch yourself achieve more than double the results in every area of your life.

  1. Numero Uno

You’re just about ready for blast off. In a plane, if there is no oxygen, we are instructed to put on our oxygen mask first before we attend to others. Why? If we’re dead – we can’t help others. Simple. So the fact is – if you take care of yourself first and foremost – you will then be ready to help others. So invest in yourself – and out of that investment you will then be able to invest into the lives of those you love, and for those whom you serve. This is not selfishness. This is ‘priming the pump’ so that many can then drink from the well that is your unique life.


Don’t waste a minute, for this is how you can make every single day, that you live on planet earth, count.

So what did you learn from this blog and what can you apply to your life immediately?