3 Powerful Tools To Create your Life You Truly Want

Is your life going the way you want it to? Do you feel that your life could be better, in any particular area?

I have great news for you! You are empowered with 3 tools that you might not even realize that you already have! And the power of these tools, if you practice them the right way every day, is so strong that it’s very likely that you will get what you want in your life. So be careful, because they’re quite potent.

Is your life going the way you want it to? Do you feel that your life could be better, in any particular area?
  1. Affirmations

What is an affirmation? It’s a statement that affirms something about yourself. For example, you might say to yourself, “I am kind.” This is a positive and affirmative statement about yourself. And if you keep affirming it, saying “I am kind”, your subconscious mind will begin to believe that you are, in fact, kind.

This will focus your attention and energy on your kindness, creating more of it. As a result, you’ll be more likely to embody your kindness throughout the day. (Read: 3 Keys To unlocking your full potential)

The most effective way to harness the power of affirmations is to really feel it, believe it, and repeat it. When you feel the truth of what you’re saying from within you, you will carry the power of what you’re affirming not only in your words and in your head, but also in your heart. Additionally, if you can bring yourself to really believe in the truth of what you’re saying, it’s effectiveness will increase tenfold.

  1. Visualization

To visualize is to imagine what you want to happen in the future. The most powerful and effective way to visualize what you want in life is to imagine it happening very concretely. Imagine it in great detail, as if it were real. Imagine what you would see, feel, and hear.


For instance, you can imagine yourself walking into a showroom and buying your dream vehicle. If you re-play this scenario over and over in your mind in vivid detail, then when you go to actually buy the vehicle, it will be a very easy and natural thing to do.

So why is this so powerful?

Because if you have a fear of public speaking, or you want more friends, or to feel more confident about yourself, or just about anything, you can visualize yourself successfully doing it. And that will make it much more likely to happen, just the way you play it out in your head. You’ll have an easier time doing it and creating the real results that you want for yourself.

  1. Journal

Journaling can be transformative, if you use it the right way. Yes, journaling is great for when you want to get something off your chest, and I encourage you to use it that way too. But what’s the most powerful way to journal?

Ask yourself directed questions.

For instance, if you’re feeling really bummed out because you didn’t get the job that you want, you can empower yourself to feel better by asking yourself the question, “What are some healthy ways that I can feel better?” This question will direct you towards a positive outcome of how to feel better.

You can also ask yourself other empowering questions, such as “What can I learn from this experience?” and “What are some reasons I can let go of my attachment to that job I wanted?” By asking yourself the right questions, you can shift your own thinking.

Create The Life You Truly Want

You now have the 3 most powerful tools to create the life that you really want for yourself. You already have the power to use them. All you have to do now is practice them.