3 Keys To unlocking your full potential

What if we could all live to our fullest potential here on earth? What a difference it would make to our family, our society and to our world as a whole. Consequently we will know how to unlocking your full potential !!

Many never reach their full potential, and the richest piece of real estate in any city is its graveyard. For there lies so much untapped potential or what could have been. That to me is very sad.

Reaching your full potential or unlocking your full potential isn’t out of reach

So what are the keys to unlocking your full potential?

Allow me to share three keys that may just help you to unlock your own full potential.

  1. Begin

I have personally never been, what I would call, completely ready before I ever embarked on a new adventure in my life.

But I have begun. And to my utmost delight and surprise, as I moved forward, all that I needed, in order to succeed along the way, has materialised.

If I had never started, nothing would have ever happened.

Someone once wrote that beginning is half done. I firmly believe that.

So many of my vintage are still to this day talking about what they would like to do, or what they want to achieve.

I don’t talk. I take action.

Sure I have skinned my knees probably more times than others. But skinned knees heal.

That’s why I am fearless when it comes to starting a business in an entirely new niche that I am yet to learn.

The principles of success in any industry are exactly the same.

Stick with the tried and tested principles and success will come.

Excellence. Persistence. Humility. Exceptional customer service. Systems. Love your team. Expect great things from others by providing a positive example and strong leadership. Encourage. Lift. Love. Meet others needs.

But most of all begin.

  1. Believe

I am a believer long before anyone else is.

I believe in my God. I believe in myself. I believe that there is a plan for my life and that I am a steward of everything that I am charged to perform in this lifetime. I believe in others by entrusting them with responsibility after providing them with some clear instructions and expectations. I review. I evaluate. I correct. I guide.

But I do believe that my team will rise to the standard that I lay before them to perform.

I then let go.

I don’t fill in all the dots. I allow them to make mistakes and to find the answers to these. Why? Because I believe – and that belief is transmitted to others so that they too begin to believe in themselves.

I do not tie people up under a whole lot of rules and regulations. I allow others to express their own personality and to pursue their own creativity. Like a rudder of a ship I guide, not drive. Why? Because I am a believer, not a controller.

What if things go wrong?

I believe that no matter what problems come my way – I will always find a solution.

  1. Become

What you and I become is far more important than what we do. When it comes to business, I look for the growth in my people. I want them to become the very best that they can possibly become. That way I know that my endeavours will become the very best as well.

Whenever I have hired any person it has always been my desire that while ever they are with me and my organisation that they will become better. Better in skill. Better in people skills. Better in confidence. Better in ability. Better in relatability. Better in belief. Better in every way. I want them to receive something far more better and more precious than just a pay check.


I have invested in them. I have trained them. I have created a positive environment for them to grow and expand.

Not all have risen to the challenge, and that is their free choice, but the vast majority continue to inspire me to continue to operate from this standpoint – no matter what path I choose to follow in the days ahead.

I challenge you to become magnificent and to reach your full potential by beginning, believing and becoming.