52 Inspirational Quotes, words of encouragement and support

52 Inspirational Quotes how to be encouraged quotes

There have been times in my life when a simple line written by some other human on a page has transformed my life. One of my heroes, Ralph Waldo Emerson, once wrote, ‘I hate quotations. Tell me what you know’, and yet he is now one of the most quoted philosophers in the world today.

What is it about quotes?

I find that people respond positively to my quotes more readily than they do to my longer articles. Is it that it strikes a chord in our heart? Or is it that we live in such a fast paced world that we can only handle a small amount of information at once? With the advent of Twitter and its restriction of messages to no longer than 140 characters, I believe that quotes will become even more popular in the years to come.

Quotes as vitamin pills for our mind that will sustain us all the way to victory

But one thing is true, and that is – that armed with powerful quotations, we can be reminded of something that will inspire us and motivate us to press on with the dreams we have and the goals that we are pursuing. In one sense I see them as vitamin pills for our mind that will sustain us all the way to victory.

Enjoy the following 52 – one for every week of the year.

  1. HAPPY PEOPLE use what they have and start where they are in the pursuit of their DREAM.
  2. ’You can’t expect change unless YOU change.’
  3. ’Success cannot resist he or she who will persist.’
  4. ’The good news is this; after every bad chocolate there’s more in the box to choose from.’
  5. ’Make it your mission to see the good in one person today and tell them.’
  6. ’People are looking for someone to believe in them. Make it you!’
  7. ’When you add your belief to another life you will start to see amazing results.’
  8. ’Most people concentrate on the negative in another’s life. A champion however will focus in on the positive.’
  9. ’The more you give; the more you get to give again.’
  10. ’If nothing’s doin’, put a smile on your face, look confident and keep doin’ somethin’.’
  11. ’Those who choose to stick will never be unstuck.’
  12. ’Learn to think before you act.’
  13. ’Win or lose. You still have the right to choose your winning attitude.’
  14. ’People do business with people whom they like. Be likable.’
  15. ’Wear a smile and you’ll never feel under-dressed.’
  16. ’Good Business has to do with listening more than talking. Find out what your customer needs and seek to meet it.’
  17. ’Good Business is more than ego. It’s showing that you care.’
  18. ’Good Business is more than promises. It’s fulfilling what you promise.’
  19. ’If you want to have plenty of friends in life and in business, be friendly.’
  20. ’A goal, like a compass, will guide you to your planned destination.’
  21. ’Make your goals BIG enough to stretch you but small enough to achieve.’
  22. ’Go with your strengths. You’ll become even stronger as a result.’
  23. ’Get a vision for your life that will stir your heart.’
  24. ’The best mistakes to learn from are the ones others have made.’
  25. ’Your INPUT will determine your OUTPUT, so guard what you PUT IN and you won’t be PUT OUT!’
  26. ’Faith risks failure rather than not trying at all.’
  27. ’Faith is often furnished in the fires of affliction and the heat of battle.’
  28. ’Faith is the willingness to believe that achievement is possible and inevitable. Losing is not an option.’
  29. ’When there is a will to win, there will be a way to win.’
  30. ’Live to give.’
  31. ’Be expectant and you’ll give birth to a great future.’
  32. ’Remember to stick-to-it, but don’t ever get stuck-to-it.’
  33. ’Be flexible. If you’re stuck, change position.’
  34. ’Make wisdom your goal.’
  35. ’Out of the ruins rise the greatest edifices.’
  36. ’Constancy culminates in success.’
  37. ’Laughter leads to luxurious living.’
  38. ’The true nature of storms are best seen through the eye of the rainbow.’
  39. ’Follow your conscience and you’ll never have to look over your shoulder.’
  40. ’Sharpen your mind by cutting your teeth on some good positive books.
  41. Develop your strengths and delegate your weaknesses.’
  42. ’Whatever you do, find your mission in life and fulfill it.’
  43. ’You can start, the very minute you decide to begin.’
  44. ’It’s your life. Participate!’
  45. ’Ordinary people become extraordinary when they put in a little extra effort.’
  46. ’Life is full of possibilities if you think possibility.’
  47. ’Always face your problems head on. Don’t run from them.’
  48. ’What you eat today walks and talks tomorrow!’
  49. Never lose sight of your dream, even if you do have to wear glasses.’
  50. ’To be me is how it’s meant to be.’
  51. ’What you do today will determine where you’ll be tomorrow.’