What is motivation? and how To Being Motivated

what is self motivation and how to be your own motivation

Motivation is the motivating force, stimulus, or influence.

  • It is the incentive.
  • It is the drive.
  • It is the petrol.
  • It is the spark.
  • It is the dream.
  • It is the idea.
  • It is the inspiration.

It is the beginning of all things. For without motivation there will never be the motion that is required to achieve the improbable and overcome the impossible. And without the motion there’ll never be the initial unveiling of motivation and the ongoing supply of energy that will maintain and sustain the motivation.

Motivation is the motivating force, stimulus, or influence.

It is what will take you where you want to go and have what you want to have in your life.

  • Get Into Motion, But what really comes first? The motivation or the motion.
  • Be a river. Live a fluid life and flow.

For it is in flowing that there’s the greatest growing and it is in the giving that there’s the greatest living.

Stop spinning your wheels, because all you’ll end up with is a rut.

Four-wheel drive your way through each day by tapping into your motivating force, by pursuing your stimulus and by discovering your influence. This is the motivation required to live a motivated life.

So where do you find your motivation?

It’s all around you and it’s within you.

But in order for you to be motivated you’re first going to have to act. Waiting for motivation to drop into your lap will not be enough for you to experience the life you want to live. This is where motion kicks in.

So here are 9 keys to being highly motivated.


I make it my habit to read on a daily basis. I read anything that will inspire me. My mind acts as a radar. I don’t read ‘rubbish’. I read books or magazines or newspapers or blogs or newsletters or journals that inspire me. I skim through the ‘no-brainer’ material and find stories of others who fought against all odds and succeeded. I read positive material and refuse to wallow in negative renditions.


I listen to inspirational music. I listen to inspirational speeches. I listen to successful people. I listen to my own heart. I pay attention to the conversations of achievers. I tune in to reports on the Internet that challenge me. I tune out from anything that doesn’t support or encourage a motivated life.


I watch inspirational movies. I watch what other successful people do. I watch winners. I watch achievers in other fields of endeavor and draw principles of success from their lives.


I dream my own dreams. I spend time thinking of where I want to go and how I’m going to get there. I tap into my imagination and see what can be and what will be. I become as a child and dream BIG dreams. To help your imagination you place yourself in the position to experience something of your dream. Drive it, walk through it, smell it, taste it if you can and the tactile experience will be able to be recalled in the imagination of your mind.


I write my goals and dreams down on paper. I keep a journal and keep it with me everywhere I go. I carry my goals with me wherever I go in my wallet. I refer to them regularly. When you write it, then you can sight it.


Attach a date to your dreams and formulate a step-by-step plan. Don’t leave things to chance. Research, investigate and formulate a blueprint for your success.


Don’t just bungle along hoping that everything will be all right. I can assure you that everything will ‘not’ be all right unless you evaluate along the road towards your dreams. The winds of change blow infrequently and it is the one with the plan who evaluates their progress along the way and jibes and tacks, adjusting the plan, fine-tuning the plan, who will win.


What you say will determine your day. Speak your dreams. Breathe them and believe them. The more you speak them, the more they will become a part of your psyche and of your reality. Your words will create your world.


Don’t stop doing. Be a man and woman of action. This is the true outworking of motivation – motivation in action.