Become An Aggressive Progressive, if you want to change the way you live

New Year’s resolutions are useless unless you back up your resolve with a plan of action

As you come to the closing stages of another year and launch into a brand New Year, and if you want to change the way you live, there are a few vital ingredients that will be necessary if that desired change will actually take place this coming year.(1)

New Year’s resolutions are useless unless you back up your resolve with a plan of action. You must also acquire the correct knowledge and then put yourself within an environment whereby you can access ongoing wise counsel.

Become An Aggressive Progressive

I recently heard about a multi-millionaire who had a dream. It may surprise you, but his first dream was not to own a condominium or a hotel resort beside the ocean.

His very first dream was to have at his disposal a team of wise lawyers, accountants, financial advisors and mentors. He knew that they in turn would be able to provide him with the necessary information and guidance that would supply him with the necessary knowledge to acquire those very things.

In addition to pursuing great deals, he spent much of his time seeking out the right people to guide him in those purchases. In doing so he set himself up to procure wealth that secured both his and his families future beyond his wildest dreams. That also included the condominiums and hotels.

He was an ‘aggressive progressive’ and you too can be one. Here are four qualities of an ‘aggressive progressive’?

Invest In An Ongoing Education

One of the greatest investments you can make is in yourself.

This was once again reinforced in my own life recently when I watched a teenager I know spend $2000, of their hard earnt money which they had been earning at $6 an hour in a part-time job, on a course that would expand their financial education.

There were many other things that they could have spent their money on, but they realised that if they invested this money now, that they would in turn learn how to make so much more money in a far shorter period of time.

It always amazes me how many adults wince at paying $3000 -$5000 for a three day seminar and yet are willing to struggle for twenty years of their life and never change the way they think or act.

Gain Access To Wise Counsel

Henry Ford was once accused of being ignorant. But the fact was that eventhough he didn’t know the answers to TRIVIA-type questions, he knew people who could get him the information, because he surrounded himself with experts in their own specific fields of endeavour.

To be successful, you don’t have to be good at everything.(2) You need to surround yourself with people who know more than you, and as you associate with them more and more it won’t be long before that knowledge will overflow into your life.

Acquire Knowledge

An ‘aggressive progressive’ is hungry for the acquisition of knowledge.

They listen to tapes, they attend seminars, they read book after book after book. They ask questions. They join forums on the Internet.

They seek out opportunities to learn from every circumstance and continue at all times to have the attitude of a student.


If you’re waiting for your ship to come in it won’t be long before you’ll find yourself shipwrecked.

‘Aggressive progressives’ don’t wait.


The ‘Aggressive Progressive’ Challenge

If you haven’t experienced significant positive change in the last five years then you need to do something drastic.


Change will only happen if you ENFORCE change on your life.

If you want a different life then do something different to what you did last year and the year before last. Don’t remain in a state of ‘degressive regressive’. Move ahead now by becoming an ‘aggressive progressive’ once and for all.

Nothing will happen until you make it happen.

Purchase that book. Buy that tape. Enrol in that seminar.


Apply the four qualities of an ‘aggressive progressive’ to your life and watch powerful and exciting changes start to occur.

Motivational Quote: An ‘Aggressive Progressive’ makes progress through fearless action.