surround yourself with positive people and winning team

surround yourself with good people who have good intentions

‘There is no secret. Half of it is in the discernment to surround yourself with people who have good intentions. That’s something that’s taken me a long time, but now I finally feel the people I choose to go to battle with are all wearing the same armour.’ – Tina Arena

So when it comes to surrounding yourself with a winning team, let’s have a look at the two ingredients that make up the qualities of those team members.

surround yourself with positive people and winning team

Surround Yourself With People Who Have Good Intentions

How do you find people with good intentions? It becomes evident over time.

It is revealed by:

  • Whether there is flexibility in their nature to adjust to changing conditions,
  • Whether there is an openness shown by them to learn,
  • And whether there is evidence of a willingness to grow.

Each of these traits will reveal very clearly as to their intentions.(1)

There is also a desire to help others, and to be one who is in a position to give rather than to always be on the receiving end. These are the true qualities of those who have good intentions. It is also evident that everything they do is for the benefit of the team and the vision, and that it’s not just about ‘me’.

Go To Battle With Those Who Are All Wearing The Same Armour

Life is a battle, and when the going gets tough, that’s the time that you need to know that you, as a leader, are surrounded by individuals who will watch your back.

When things are going fine, it’s easy to have a crowd following you. But whenever the chips are down your true friends will be revealed. While everybody else has run for cover, they will still be standing side by your side – immovable. These are the faithful ones who are wearing the same armour.(2)

How do you get these types of people to stand with you? You be the first one to be standing with them in their time of need. You need to be the one who is reliable, and you the one that can be counted upon.

Winning quite often starts at home, and loyalty is shown to a leader who has already shown a commitment and a love to their followers.