How to develop rich think and grow rich secret

How to develop rich think and grow rich secret

Don’t be a pauper in the kingly realm of your mind, for your mind has been born into royalty. It is the place for kings and queens who are positioned to reign supreme.

How to develop rich think and grow rich secret

Did you realize that your mind is already decked in gold – emblazoned castles clothed in majesty, might and power? And on the throne of your mind sits the thoughts of kings, of queens, of princes, and of princesses. High thoughts bought with a price – the price being paid by the king of kings who has downloaded his thought to you so that yours can be renewed, reprogrammed, reignited, and reassured with fresh kingly directives.

Unlatch The Royal Door

You can now unlatch the royal door and enter kingdoms yet to be conquered, frontiers yet to be explored, wildernesses yet to be traversed, and oceans yet to be crossed.

Remember this: the majesty of the king has no limits, no bonds, and no restrictions. And no chains can bind the majesty of the mind.

There is no blindness that can pluck out the eyes of the majestic mind. No deafness that can squash the sound of a future that is yet to be written. And there is no lameness that can halt the movement forward of a mind clothed in majesty.

Nothing Can Extinguish A Royal Mind

No disease, no fire, no plague, no flame can extinguish the maps laid out in the mind of the ones who have been appointed as royal sovereigns; those who have been designed to be enthroned, ennobled, empowered and employed to rise high above the mud and the mire. For you have been chosen to stand as kings with high thoughts, skyscraper sentiments and mountainous majesty.

So now is the time to take a hold of what is your birthright – the royalty that floods through your veins and that is evidenced by the thoughts that parade through your minds, the words that march from your mouths, and the actions that command the attentions of the nations. With your majestic mind you will stand as ambassadors of truth, integrity, honor, justice, peace and power.

The Backbone Of A Royal Mindset

There is a backbone in this mindset that stands you upright in the midst of a world that at times blobs as jelly in its frivolous acceptance of the crude and the common. And yet this mind is willing though to reach out to the gutters to the despised, to the dejected, to the refuse of humanity – for it is there that majesty is found in the commonality of thought. For in the commonality you will come upon the manger that will lead to the carpenter’s workshop where once again it will be birthed in majesty.

And so it is in the commonsense, that at times is not really common, that true rich royal thinking and the gold, frankincense and myrrh of thought will be unveiled to change your world, and then the world of others from many nations with whom you share your wisdom.