Change – The Vital Ingredient For Growth to change now

be the change that The Vital Ingredient For Growth

Change, like the seasons, is necessary if we are to ever grow to the height and stature that I believe all of us have been created for.

Is change always comfortable? No.

Is change always convenient? No.

Is change necessary? Yes.

Why? Because without change we remain stunted, and then a most unpleasant thing will start to happen. And what is that? Decay.

Change – The Vital Ingredient For Growth to change now

For the fact is that if you’re not growing, you’re not flowing, and as a direct result of that you’re not going to fulfill your GREATEST potential.

In The Company Of Movers & Shakers

I constantly surround myself with people who are ‘moving and shaking’. Am I challenged? You bet. Am I stretched? So much so that I think I have started to develop stretch marks. But it’s a good stretch. It’s a necessary stretch, for at the opposite end of the spectrum, to not stretch is to stagnate.(1)

It is a healthy thing to be stretched, for it is in an atmosphere of growth and of vision that our own vision will be enhanced and clarified. And as we operate in an attitude of giving and service we will find an even greater fulfillment.

And as one entrepreneur once said, ‘I hire people smarter than myself and then take notes furiously.’

Necessary Thoughts For Change

If you think you can, you can.

If you think you can’t, you won’t.

In order to succeed you need to adopt a ‘can do’ attitude whilst going through a period of change. It’s all about strategy. If for some reason you are blocked – rather than responding with ‘I can’t do this’, declare ‘there must be another way’.

An appointed destination is just that. It is appointed. The route to that destination however may change, but the destination will never change.

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And as the river always finds its way to the sea through all its twists and turns – learn from her – and twist and turn as much as you need to – all the way to success. And even if they block the flow with a dam or a landslide – simply allow the water of your dreams to magnify in volume through concentrated effort, and those waters will crash through any obstacle placed before its path.

For there is nothing in this world that can stand in the way of someone who truly believes that they can.

For success comes in a ‘can’.

So it is by faith that we must plunge ourselves into environments that may at times be daunting. But because we have chosen that path, it won’t be long before we find ourselves surfing on top of the waters that we may just have thought, in that moment where we decided to change, that they were certainly going to drown us.