The Constructive & Destructive power words for motivation

The Constructive & Destructive speaking positive words into your life

It’s a fact that the power of life and death are found within the tongue.

If I listen to your speech I can tell you what life you live and are about to live. Yet people carelessly ‘run off at the mouth’ allowing expletives and negatives to flow without restraint. Little do they realise that they are prophesying their own destruction.

The Constructive & Destructive power words for motivation

What you are about to read is something that I wrote some time ago and it is written in a somewhat poetic style. What is presented is the truth that if you wish to live a magnificent life then put a watch over your mouth. Only ever allow magnificent life-giving words to pass through your lips.

The Amazing World Of Words

Words at times refuse to be announced. They float in mid air awaiting capture whilst still in flight. They lie beneath the surface of the bubbling brook swimming patiently until they are fished out. They parade in the field anticipating the thrust of the rope around their neck as they are pulled in.

They appear in the mist, in the sunshine, in the haze, in the snowstorm, in the smoke, in the smog and at any time they will land on the page before your very eyes. Without warning they will strike. Without introduction they will present.

But it is only those whom are aware of the habits of words who will translate the garble into a format that will influence their minds and the minds of others. For there is an ordering that must occur. There is a discipline that must be enforced if any sense is to be made out of the silent commotion that fills our world.

And yet these words – in right order – can change the course of history. The pen has always been far more powerful than the sword – words more powerful than wars.

Hone Your Gift Of Using Wise Words

So hone your gift if you wish to influence the lives of men and women. Sharpen your mind by gathering to yourself the very best words that will build your life – an edifice of great wisdom. For these words will feed you, clothe you, water you and enrich you.

They are a company that will befriend you if you treat them with great respect. Handle them wisely and craft the transformation. For rich words add richness to a rich life. And your selective choice of those words, that build strength in your being, will determine whether death or life will fill your days.

Choose the words that breathe life to be your friends. And may they fill the pages of your journals, as well as being those syllables that will habitually pass over and touch the top of your tongue time and time again. For therein lies the path that leads to life – abundant life.