5 Secrets To A Richer Life

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If you think something’s missing from your day to day, here are some tips to get your zest for living back.

Every one of us has been planted on this planet for a purpose. Not to simply suck in air, but to contribute something significant, whether it’s becoming an Olympic athlete or the friend that others count on.

To A Richer Life

One way to do this effectively is to first tap into your personal passion. But how do you do that?

Hang around passionate people

I love hanging around inspiring people. In my local area I do this by asking people advice. In the global arena I can easily send an email, or make a comment on a blog, or even offer to help someone by providing a solution to a perceived need that they may have. These are people who ignite the desire within me to be my very best, and kindle my own personal passion. So I aim to hang around visionaries and go-getters and people who are far more successful than myself in their own field of endeavour.

When I was considering franchising one of my companies I asked my PA to book a one-hour meeting for me with half a dozen of the top franchisors in my country, where I would simply ask them questions about franchising. Nearly every one of them said yes. When I turned up for my meeting I was armed with a pen, a one page typed sheet of questions on hand and took copious notes as they talked. I learnt so much – and even established strong friendships with some of them that have lasted even to this day.

Read passionate books

Where do you find such books? Well go to any blog that is written by a passionate writer and ask them what books they read. Whenever I find a great book I tend to keep an eye out for the books that are mentioned throughout, and I then add them to my reading list.

Remember that birds of a feather flock together. Same goes with authors. When I first bumped into the writings of R.W. Emerson – a passionate writer of the nineteenth century, I suddenly found myself being introduced to dozens of other writers whom he mentioned throughout his own writings. My life was enriched as a result of this discovery.

Interact with passionate authors

When I read a current book that has really impacted my life, I email the author with positive comments. Sometimes I even ask questions so I can learn more. In most cases, I get a personal response back and create a brand-new friendship. These are my mentors, and I aspire to be as passionate as they are.

Follow passionate leaders

I refuse to spend a lot of time around leaders who are going in a different direction to that which I have chosen for my own life. If I am to be led by anybody, I must be following a person whose thoughts and actions are aligned to my inner convictions. They must be on a mission that lines up with my compass if I’m going to submit myself to their commission – and they must be passionately pursuing their vision, whatever that may be.

Develop your passion

Discover your strengths — the things that you love doing, whether it’s blogging or learning a new language — and do whatever it takes to use those accomplishments in your everyday life. That’s the path towards a richer, more rewarding life.

Follow your instincts and choose to do what you like, even if it doesn’t always seem ‘constructive’ at the time. The facts are, that the more you try and test, the more you will learn, and the better equipped you will be to then fulfill your life’s vision passionately.