11 Powerful Principles For target in life

11 Powerful successful principles of life

The truth is that without applying these success principles in our life we will continue to live an aimless existence. You and I have been born for a much higher purpose – and that is to live our lives on target.

You and I have been born for a much higher purpose – and that is to live our lives on target.

successful principles of life

get busy living ON TARGET.


I must admit that I wanted to achieve all my life goals before the age of thirty. Little did I realise that life goals are life goals, and now that I am in my fifth decade there is still time to achieve some magnificent things in my lifetime, however long that will be.

Personally I have asked my Creator for 104 years of health, wealth and stealth. So with that in perspective I am only just about half way through.


Joy. Happiness. Companionship. Define your life by the company that you keep and by the goodness that you can deposit into the lives of those around you.

How do you measure the effectiveness of your life? Make it much more than what you can acquire. Measure it by what you can give.


Stick-to-it-iv-ness is another word for persistent focus. It is always hard before it is easy. There is always resistance before breakthrough. There is always investment before there is profit. There is always give before there is get.

So persist, persist, persist until resist, resist, resist gives up, packs its bag and leaves town.


Now I know from personal experience that there are times when we all feel as though the mountain we are facing is too high and the valley too deep, and that there is seemingly no way out of a predicament that has hemmed us in on every side.


But somewhere in the depths of our being there is a spark or a gentle whisper that says, ‘Don’t lay down and die quite yet. You have what it takes to get you up and over.’

It is up to us to respond to that call.


The greatest challenge I have had to work on in my life has been to take charge of my thought life. A battle has waged constantly for years between the negative and positive sides of my brain. But with consistent study, practice, and effort, I am pleased to report that the positive has won the vast majority of conflicts.

But you can never relax in this area if you want to change your world. Thoughts must be ruled with a rod of iron, and trained with positive words flowing from our mouth.(1)


You need a tiny little dose of faith combined with a massive dose of action to change your world forever!

So get busy believing – and get busy doing!


This in essence is what a living legacy is all about – more than just deceased property, leftover bank accounts, wills and inheritances – but rather the most precious gift given to me – to be able to spend time with my family, while I am breathing here on planet earth.


To dream dreams with them. To cry with them. To laugh. To pray. To hope. To build. To shape. To mold our futures together, and at the end of each day to look at what we are building and rejoice.


I refuse to spend a lot of time around leaders who are going in a different direction to that which I have chosen for my own life.

If I am to be led by anybody, I must be following a person whose thoughts and actions are aligned to my inner convictions. They must be on a mission that lines up with my compass if I’m going to submit myself to their commission – and they must be passionately pursuing their vision, whatever that may be.


Angry people are angry with themselves. Unfriendly people don’t like themselves. How people act clearly reveals what is going on in the inside of their minds and hearts. People who love themselves have no difficulty in loving others. People who have no problem in forgiving others have forgiven themselves.(2)

As a man or woman thinks so he or she will speak. So turn to the cripple within your life and command – ‘Take up your bed and walk!’ Begin to live as the human that was created for greatness. You were never created to be an invalid. Healing is your portion and success is your right.


Belief is not some wimpy word that is often thrown around by those who call themselves believers. It is a deep seated belief that is imbedded deeply into the mindset, mouth-set and heart-set of those who do what others only ever dream of.


No, no, no, no. no, no, no, no, no, no……just means that the next in line could just be a YES!