How To Tap Into The Power Of Belief

Harness the Power of Belief You’ve Never Thought of

I was recently asked as to what was the most important thing required to succeed in business.

Good question.

Is it money? Is it talent? Is it connections? Is it ability? Is it ideas? Is it to be the recipient of an inheritance?

How To Tap Into The Power Of Belief

I pondered on this question – for a second – because I knew from personal experience exactly what was required in order to succeed at anything in life.

One of the reasons this person asked me this question was because they had a father who for years had used the excuse of not having enough money as the over riding reason that kept him hemmed in a job that didn’t fully use his abilities or talents, nor probably paid him what he was really worth. Very sad.

I took a long look at my questioner and pronounced that the only common element that I could see in my life, and in the lives of others who have experienced success in one form or another, was BELIEF.

How to use the untapped power of belief to shape your reality

This is not some wimpy word that is often thrown around by those who call themselves believers. It is a deep seated belief that is imbedded deeply into the mindset, mouth-set and heart-set of those who do what others only ever dream of.

But the question remains.

Its one thing to call yourself a believer, but how do you tap into the power of belief?

  1. Build Belief

The first thing one needs to do is to build belief. Not every one of us was born with belief. And for many of us, any seed of belief is generally knocked out of us completely by the time we leave school.

So how do you build belief?

Allow me to share with you what I have done and what I continue to do.

  • I read books that build belief.
  • I listen to speeches that construct belief.
  • I make it my habit of hanging around believers who speak belief and live belief every moment they breathe.
  • I restrict my time spent in the company of unbelievers – making certain that I am the influencer and not the influenced.
  • I watch and listen to audios, videos and webinars that engender belief.
  • I talk belief. Doubt has no part in my vocabulary.
  • I am a student of belief – ever learning.
  1. Apply Belief

Simultaneously I get into action. I don’t wait until I am completely ready. In fact, in most cases I leap. It is a leap of faith built upon sufficient research and experiential learning acquired every step of the way. But at the end of the day there comes a point when I have to let go and let God as it were.

I am surrounded by so many in my generation who are always talking about what they would like to do or are going to do.

I simply do.

My belief is applied.

  1. Belief Builds Belief

The more you believe, the easier it becomes to expand those beliefs. Build upon the small victories with ever expanding belief. Start with the mole hills before you attempt the mountain.

But whatever you do don’t sit down on a peak once you have reached it. Peaks conquered are to be as stepping stones or stairs to your next peak.

Achieved beliefs build confidence and it is upon that newfound confidence that you can now look for other mountains to climb.

At the same time don’t forget that you can reach down and help fellow travellers. That simple act of compassion will build your own belief.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t live a life filled with regret.

Keep climbing.

Live in the moment – the moment called belief.