How To Develop The Spirit Of A Champion

How To Building a Champion Spirit

‘Stir up your champion spirit through the power of association.’

There are times when I know that I need to be inspired. That’s when I sit myself down to either read a book, listen to music, watch a sporting event or view a good movie.

The movie ‘Mr Holland’s Opus’ is one such movie that does it for me time and time again.

Just recently my kids bought the video and the soundtrack for me and quite often I will turn up the music ‘full bore’ (that means loud) and soon the whole family is singing and dancing around the house. I often act out playing a lead break on my imaginary electric guitar when it comes to the fantastic theme called ‘An American Symphony’

How To Develop The Spirit Of A Champion

Then we vocalize along with John Lennon in ‘Imagine’ and Len Barry’s ‘One, Two, Three’ or Ray Charles’s ‘I Got A Woman’.

The best parts of any movie, that always draw a tear from my eyes, are when the underdogs make it; when they overcome all odds, because of the care taken by another human being, and ultimately win.

It does my spirit good, because it stirs within me the spirit of a champion. Each and every one of us has been born with the spirit of a champion. The difference though between someone who is living like a champion and one who is not, comes down to one thing.


This is because your belief is intimately entwined with your self-worth. A person with good self-worth is a happy person. A person with low self-worth is a misery.

It is through the dignity of the work that we do that we achieve self-esteem in our life.

Over the years, I have seen men and women achieve power in their lives rather than living as victims. They discovered that when they did the work they loved, all else in their life fell into place. For when you do well in your life’s work you feel good about yourself. Your sense of personal worth is keen, and you then see the personal worth of others.

So the question I want to ask you is this. Are you currently involved in work that adds to your life, or are you involved in activities that are sapping the very life out of your life?

The Tap Root Of Your Life Draws Its Sustenance From Your Life’s Work…

When you know exactly what you want and have the emotional strength to go after it, your mind and heart work together, especially if you give your plan enough time to come into being. The combination of mind and emotions is powerful and it creates your experience of life, both good and bad.

So how do we discover what we want?

It all comes back to passion. It all comes back to the identification of one’s strengths. It all comes back to doing what you are good at. It all comes back to achievement, competence, and ease of execution, joy initiated and satisfaction guaranteed. It comes from setting achievable goals that will draw you to a conclusion.

I made a decision a long time ago that I would do what I love and that I would make a living from what I loved. I believed in the first law of money and still do.

The First Law Of Money: Do What You Love And The Money Will Come If You Follow Your Heart And Do It Long Enough…

This law has been demonstrated in the lives of countless thousands of great men and women throughout the ages.

However, there are many who didn’t wait around long enough and so failed to reap the reward of wealth and fame that then flowed on to either their family or others.

How To Develop The Spirit Of A Champion

And what is long enough? It is doing what you love and sticking with your goals. It is planning and fulfilling your plans. It is prioritizing your time and allocating those necessary hours to build a life on what you love doing. It takes patience. It takes discipline. It takes persistence. It takes everything you’ve got at times.

But at the end of the day, because you have chosen to stick with your passion, you will ultimately rise up as a champion.

Why? Because the spirit of the champion has carried you through all the dark valleys, all the lonely nights and all the treacherous paths. It has made you deaf to the nay Sayers and blind to the impossible mountains that stood in your way. It has filled your heart with hope and your mind with dreams.

For the spirit of the champion will not stop until the victory is wrought and the battle is won. The champion will fight when all others have given up. They stay on while all the others have gone home. They are awake while others sleep. They believe while others doubt.

This is the spirit of the champion.

Make it your mission to be inspired by other champions. Listen to them. Read their books. Watch their movies. Stir up the champion within you and make your champion spirit strong.

Know this for a fact: You Are A Champion.

Take just a moment to think. Who has inspired you to be a champion?