How To Take Your Future By The Throat

How To Grab Life By The Throat

If you want to change your future, and yet continue to do what you have done in the past – right up to your present – you are sadly mistaken.

In order to jolt yourself out of your complacency, and a future that will simply be a replay of your past and present – except for one thing – you’re older, you must take your present by the scruff of the neck, in fact take your future by the throat, and change your habits that have brought you to where you are today.

How To Take Your Future By The Throat

So if you are not fully satisfied with the results of your life to this point, then you need to take drastic action.

So what can you do? Well here are just a few tips.

  1. Stop The Rot

If you find yourself pinned in front of your TV night after night. If you take all your guidance from what is thrust at you via the media. If you keep the company of people who have made no significant movement forward in their lives during the past five years, then you need to do these things: stop listening, reading or watching the media and change friends.

  1. Fill The Spot

There is a spot in your anatomy that needs filling. No not your stomach – your brain. Start by attending FREE seminars. Buy the Saturday paper or check out the free paper at your local coffee shop and find those seminars and attend them. Pull out your old CD’s – yes the motivational or wealth creation CD’s you bought years ago – and listen to them in your car to and from the office.

Then go through your book shelf and pull out those life changing and mind bending books that have been gathering dust, and spend an hour or so each night reading them in place of your TV watching.

And in this revival of learning seek out mentors or new friends with common interests and goals.

  1. Act The Lot

Now it’s no use of simply filling your head with a bunch of great ideas. Put together a plan for your successful future. Use the business plan which could be adapted to a life plan that I discussed in my article This Means War and it will change your life. And then get out there and make it happen.

If it’s to invest in real estate – go look, make some offers and add to your investment portfolio. If it’s to get healthy then join the gym. If it’s to spend more time with your family, then block out time for quality time with your favourite humans.

So what are you waiting for? Take your future by the throat and squeeze as hard as possible until your next five years far out surpass the previous five in more ways than one.