The Strength, The Mastery & The Power — Finding Your Strengths To Apply In Your Life

The Power Within Self-Control is Strength, Calmness is Mastery

‘Self control is strength; Right thought is mastery; Calmness is power.’ James Allen

I have never been impressed by the flamboyant, the bombastic nor the self promoters. I have never been moved by the foul-mouthed, the showmen nor the vile.

The Strength, The Mastery & The Power — Finding Your Strengths To Apply In Your Life

What moves me are those who demonstrate strength through self control, mastery through right thought and power through calmness.

For these are qualities that I have seen demonstrated in the lives of what I would call are true achievers; ambassadors of integrity and champions of good character – who leave a lasting legacy in place for all of us to follow.

So let’s take a closer look at these three qualities that James Allen, the author of ‘As A Man Thinketh’ penned over a hundred years ago.

  1. Self Control Is Strength

Self control is defined as self denial, the act of denying yourself, controlling your impulses, the trait of resolutely controlling your own behavior, the ability to control ones emotions, behaviors and desires, and is the efficient management to the future. Years ago we sang a song about self control that went something like this – ‘Self control, it’s all about controlling yourself.’ That sort of sums it up doesn’t it?

For there are many things that we could do on a day to day basis, but because of our conscience we know what we should not do. It is so important to develop the ability of saying no. For self control is taking charge of what we eat, what we drink, what we watch, what we read, what we listen to and is everything that we do.

This may mean that I choose not to do something – not because it is morally wrong or even wrong for you – but because I have deemed it wrong for me. I do not stand in judgment of others for doing that thing, but because I define my actions through my personal self control filter I choose not to partake. By taking charge of my own personal desires and passions, and ruling them rather than them ruling me, I become strong.

  1. Right Thought Is Mastery

As I think, so I am. That is why I choose to think positive uplifting thoughts about myself, about my circumstances and about others.

This has never come naturally to me. I have had to learn to rule my mind. For it has a tendency to move towards the negative – and yet through consistent training I have steered it to the positive. This training never ceases and requires constant vigilance if I am to continue to live a life of mastery.

So I choose to speak the best , think the best and act the best in all circumstances.

I am an explorer ever searching for the benefits and for the gold in every event. For there are life’s lessons to be learnt when right thought is included in the mix. And through the consistency of right thought backed up by right speech – there is mastery.

  1. Calmness Is Power

You cannot make a rational decision if you are emotionally upset or angry. In order to be empowered with wisdom and insight one must remain in a state of calm.

I am reminded of scenes I have watched where an angry shopper rants and raves complaining about some purchase that they are not satisfied with whilst a calm engaging shop assistant listens quietly to the raging storm that is currently pouring out its vitriolic attack upon them – even though they may not be the one who made the mistake. The one who appears as the fool is the one who is totally out of control. The one who appears as the powerful is the one who remains cool, calm and collected all the way to victory when they send away a totally restored and satisfied customer. Calmness is power.

That is why I pause for at least one hour a day in a state of calm. It is empowering – and allows me to then tackle the daily pressures and challenges that we all face – anchored to the calmness that I established in the early morning hours.

These three: self control, right thought and calmness – have been given to humankind upon which can be built a living legacy that will not only benefit this generation, but the generations to follow. Use them as your tools of trade so that you can build a magnificent life.