The Secret To Finding A Happier You: The Secret to Happiness

How to Find True Happiness

Everyone faces tough times at one point or another. From a job loss, to the death of a family member or an unexpected turn of events, life throws curveballs every now and then leaving you to pick up the pieces.

The Secret To Finding A Happier You: The Secret to Happiness

Recovering from one of life’s notorious blows is not always easy. You lost your faith, trust and positive mindset amidst some difficult times. But in any circumstance, it is crucial to remember that temporary is not always permanent.

Changing your mindset to see life from a new perspective can be done with a little bit of work. If you are ready to find the happier you, here are a few steps you can take to change your thought process and see life through a new set of eyes.

  1. Pour your heart out on paper

Writing is extremely therapeutic. When you write, you are forced to slow down your thought pattern in order to get everything you want to say out on paper. Take some alone time to reflect on what happened to you. Write out the series of events that brought you to the mindset. Express your frustration with what happened to you. Put your feelings out on paper. When you do this, you allow the negative experience or emotion to leave your body helping to release you from its burden.

  1. Toss out bad memories

Your mom always said that it was not a good idea to throw a perfectly good piece of clothing away. But when that shirt, dress or outfit continuously conjures up negativity, it may be time to say goodbye. Donate your clothing or any item that makes you feel badly to the charity of your choice and get them out of sight, and out of mind.

  1. Change your hairstyle

Getting a fresh new haircut is an easy way to instantly revitalize your mood. When you cut your hair, you give yourself a fresh new look on the outside. On the inside, you may feel like a whole new you. Changing your hair can symbolize moving from one phase of your life to another and instantly put you in a better place emotionally.

  1. Move some furniture

Just like your hair, the place where you live can also stand to get a new look every once in a while. When you are feeling blue, try redecorating your home. Move your couch to a new wall. Add a new paint color to that drab room that you have always hated. Buy something new for your shelves. By simply changing up the space where you live, you can invite happiness into your home, and into your soul.

  1. Try something new

Accomplishment is an unrivaled emotion. When you are unhappy, trying a new hobby or experience can open your eyes to new people and experiences. As you learn, you will find that you accomplish new goals and move forward in a positive direction. Soon, this new found positivity will drown out the negativity and invite more happiness into your mind.

  1. Continue writing

Throughout your journey, it is a good idea to continue writing. Keep a journal of your emotions. Do so without judgment from yourself or anyone else in your world. Your feelings are real, even if you cannot always explain them. Putting them down on paper helps release you from any negativity and allows you to focus on what makes you happy.

As you make your way toward a happier you, it is important to remember that your journey is unique. Not every moment in your life will be easy, but you have the power to overcome negativity and change your perspective by following these steps. Do not invite other people’s opinions and emotions into your space as you change your perspective. Do so at your own pace so that other’s negativity cannot bring you down.

When you find your happiness, hold onto it. Live it, breathe it and feel it so that you know what it looks like. Then, when you are faced with adversity or a difficult situation again, you will have the confidence to know that you overcame strife and found happiness again.