The Sum Of A Person’s Worth

What Is the Value of a Human Being?

I have come across many throughout my lifetime whose sum of their worth is calculated by the number of hours they work. Others by the number of dollars in their bank account. And I can’t forget those who calculate their value by the assets they have acquired.Then there are those who count their worth by the number of friends or followers they have. Or they will even stoop so low as to go to the point of name-dropping.

The Sum Of A Person’s Worth

Their conversation is dominated by ‘the art of impress’, and yet they fail to realize that all it achieves is alienation from those who would love to share their world. But unknowingly they fail to understand that true conversation, that builds true friendship, is not formed upon the foundations of what they have, what they’ve done, who they know, or even by where they’re going.

Personally, I am far more interested in finding out as to who they are. I’m not even overly concerned as to what they think. I want them to be, and I most certainly don’t want to be bored by their repetitive verbiage that seeks always to ‘impress’.

Impress me by who you are – someone who is interested in others, and from time to time pauses to turn the course of conversation, through the art of reflection, onto those whom they are conversing with. I want to spend time in the company of someone who, at the end of the conversation, leaves everyone they have conversed with, sensing a feeling of importance and appreciation.

I do not want to waste one second with those who drain or exhaust me with every breath they take. But rather someone of interest who adds value to the discussion.

And that is the point – add value.

Before you sprout, seek first to learn, and strive to listen.

Oh, if more people would do this we would live far richer lives, have livelier conversations, and burgeoning friendships would flourish as a direct result of the fact that they have not been worn down by senseless chatter that drives, rather than draws.