The Priceless Value Of Giving Your Life A Check Up: change of heart and a chastened mood

‘What we need first, is a change of heart and a chastened mood which will permit an ever-increasing number of people to see things as they are, in the light of what they have been and what they might be.’ James Harvey Robinson

The Priceless Value Of Giving Your Life A Check Up: change of heart and a chastened mood

Those who never stop to hop off the treadmill of life, to analyze their life, will maintain a level of mediocrity for all of their days.

To be fair to yourself and to step into excellence, by fulfilling your life’s potential, there is required a ‘change of heart and a chastened mood’ that will lead you to the two points that James Harvey Robinson introduces in his quote.

But what does a ‘change of heart and a chastened mood’ mean?

Well ‘a change of heart’ means that for once in your life you are willing to make yourself vulnerable by taking a good hard and honest look at who you are and where you are going. It speaks of being totally honest with the person whom you’re going to live with for your entire life – and that’s you.

And a ‘chastened mood’ means that you are open to correction. You are willing to accept that there may be some areas of your life where you have possibly been following the wrong path. In fact, you may need to give yourself a stern talking to – a reprimand – to catch your attention – in time to turn your life around.

Few people ever do this because it is too confronting – and so continue to live a lie by telling themselves that everything is okay, and that nothing needs to change.

So what does a ‘change of heart and a chastened mood’ lead you to?

A two-step check up. And here is what these two steps will lead to…

  1. You will see things as they are in the light of what they have been

This is a tough point. You may have to admit that the lifestyle you have led to date has caused you to be overweight, overstressed, underpaid and under resourced. But keep reading, because this could be the beginning of your liberation. I’m going to ask you some hard questions.

  • Do you weigh the correct weight in proportion to your height?
  • Do you have sufficient savings in place to support you if for some reason you are unable to work for a time?
  • Do you have around you a support network?
  • Are you being paid what you believe you are really worth?
  • Do you live a life of correct balance between family and work?
  • Are you living your life in the pursuit of your passion?
  • Do you keep the company of people more successful than yourself, or do you gravitate to those less successful than yourself?
  • Do you read materials that build your mind?
  • Do you have a growing assets portfolio that generates incomes outside an income that requires your hourly attendance?
  • Have you developed good habits – physical, mental, spiritual and social that are building you as an individual?
  • How much do you spend on your education each year?

How did you go?

Did I hear ‘ouch’ as a response to some of those questions? Good. That’s the scenario for a possible ‘change of heart and a chastened mood.’

And now for the second step…

  1. You will see things as they are in the light of what they might be

If you are dissatisfied with any of the answers you gave to the first statement that I presented to you, then this is now the time to reset the vision you have for your life and to begin to put together a plan of action.

  • What is your vision for your life?
  • What steps can you begin to put into place to realize that vision?
  • If you’ve never done this before, then may I suggest you simply start by projecting yourself to simply twelve months time. Ask yourself, where do I see myself at the end of 2011?

In addition why don’t you go ahead and answer these questions:

  1. What is my passion? In other words, even if I wasn’t paid for it, what would I love to spend my time doing?
  2. Having identified my passion, I want to be spending my working life doing?
  3. What am I earning each week doing the things that I love to do?
  4. Who are in my circle of friends and mentors?
  5. What does my work life, family life, social life, intellectual life, spiritual life look like compared to last year?
  6. Financially – how far forward have I moved these past 12 months?

You can’t put a price on the value of this two point check-up. It’s priceless.


Because who can put a value on a human life such as yours?

Enjoy the journey and dig deep to discover the riches that are buried deep within you – ready for your discovery this coming year.

I would love to hear of what riches you are about to discover or when you do discover them – feel free to share them with me so that I can cheer you on all the way to freedom and victory.