Stop Making Excuses And Start Taking Responsibility

Stop Making Excuses and Own Your Actions

So many people sacrifice their dreams by giving into their ‘small’ excuses.

Small people make ‘small’ excuses like: ‘I don’t have enough money. I don’t have sufficient talent. I don’t have the right connections. I’m too old. I’m too young.’

Stop Making Excuses And Start Taking Responsibility


Excuses are the nooses upon which many a dying dream is hung. So the first thing you need to do is to bury your excuses. They can destroy you, especially in the midst of your small beginnings, when your dream is most vulnerable.

Throughout my life I have had so many reasons to stop trying, to settle for a mediocre life and to yield to the millions of excuses that bombarded my brain.

For one thing, I was told time and time again that my books weren’t worth publishing. But as my habit is, I chose to ignore that and set about to learn how to self-publish, and have since successfully sold thousands of books internationally.

And then for someone who hasn’t a clue of how to create a website, how can it be that I am now in charge of my own National Web Design Franchise that is positioned to become the most recognised and respected Web Design brand in Australia?

Amidst all his other writings in his journal, Peter Sinclair, on the 29th June, 2000, for some reason, wrote this following random statement – as if it appeared out of thin air: ‘I believe that there is opportunity waiting for me in the area of websites…’ and then underneath it he drew a square and within that square he wrote the word Website and under that a large dollar sign.

It was some time later that he attended an Internet Marketing Seminar in Sydney that changed his life, and then a little later on when he was approached to write the content for a friend’s new business and new website. Both those events consolidated the thought of owning his own web design company.

At that seminar there were three points that impacted Peter’s life. Those points were: sell a high ticket item, learn the language of the Internet – html and finally the first day you hire someone else will be the first day you will commence upon the road to becoming wealthy.

So Peter came home from the seminar, having emptied his bank account to pay for both it and the resources he needed to learn more, and presented the challenge of learning html to his two eldest children. It was Ben, twelve at the time, who enthusiastically learnt html and studied the free tutorials on the Internet that had been suggested by the seminar speaker. Before Peter knew it, he had an Internet guru living under his roof.

But it wasn’t until October, 2003 that Peter, armed with some printed leaflets, stepped out to promote his new business: OE Design – The Web Designers. And on that first day he drove to Leda Drive, West Burleigh and walked from factory to factory promoting the new business. He sold five websites on that first day and returned home then to work out how he was going to fulfil what he had just promised to his new Clients, and to also find a web designer. Many of those Clients are still OE Design Clients to this day.

So let me declare to you today. There is no excuse big enough to stop you from pursuing your small beginning.

I challenge you to take your first tiny step forward today, and before you know it you will be half way there.