The Mirror Of A Motivated Life: Inspire Self-Discovery and Inner Growth

The Mirror Of Motivation: The Self-Guide To Self-Discipline

The most correct study of mankind is man.

Each individual is a mirror to us; and the more we peer into the lives of others, whether in the past or the present, we can learn more and more about ourselves.

The Mirror Of A Motivated Life: Inspire Self-Discovery and Inner Growth

This is the power of biography and is why I encourage myself, and those I write for, to take time to peer into the lives of others. For it is there that you will learn about yourself and unveil the mystery that is called you.

‘History,’ it has been said, ‘is the essence of innumerable Biographies.’ It is the story of mankind; the meshing together of lives innumerable that will reveal to you the keys of success, the ways of wisdom and the path of understanding.

This is why we must read not only the books, but also the lives of those we come in contact with on a daily basis.

Make observation your key obsession. Analyse your life participants and watch the stories of lives around you unfold. And while you watch, learn. For what you see is a mirror; a mirror of a motivated life.

There is a strange power in reality. In one day many cross my path and I find that it is those who walk in reality who have the greatest impact on my life. In their life there are no facades, no hidden agendas, no unwritten proposals. They are real. What you see is what you get.

I find within these lives the greatest contribution and the greatest lessons. For these lives are lives that are walked in confidence. There is nothing hidden. There is nothing tucked away. When they speak they speak from the heart. When they listen they listen from the soul.

But in a sense this is refreshing. They are not afraid of their humanity. They recognise that within their frail form of humanness is contained numerous strengths and alongside them lie a smattering of weaknesses.

But they do not focus on the weaknesses. They concentrate their efforts and their energies on the use of their strengths and treat their weaknesses like one would treat a buzzing fly around one’s head.


There is one power though that is demonstrated in such a motivated life and it is this: to have an open loving heart and to allow that love to flow from that heart.

For ‘a loving heart is the beginning of knowledge’.

A heart such as that will open the whole mind and will make the intellect alert. For it has been written that ‘the heart sees further than the head’. It knows no boundaries and it refuses to be hemmed in.

When the head says ‘no’, the heart says ‘yes’. A life ruled by the heart is a free spirit that follows the pathway of faith and resists the power of fear. For the heart is a powerful warrior, when at times the head can be a slinking coward. Develop the heart as well as the head and you will know victory like you have never known before. But before you speak, keep silent unless you have something to say.

Spend your time in reading and learning first and foremost and then and only then, as you equip yourself, your time will come when you will speak. But whatever you do, do what you say and say what you do.


Make it your mission to under-promise and over-deliver in all that you do.

Imitate the motivated life. Reflect the mirror image of their experience. Sit at their feet. Read their books. Listen to their words. Spend time in their presence and you will learn more about yourself and your ways. And it is on this foundation that you can then begin to step-by-step build the firm foundations of a successful and a very motivated life.

Be diligent in your study and your motivated life will not fail you. It will guide you. It will drive you and it will sustain you – all the way to victory.

Motivational Quote: A mirrored life reflects on not only what is, but on what is to become.