The One & Only Antidote For Failure

The Antidote to Fear of Failure: How to Take Action and Embrace Challenges

When it comes to dealing with poisonous substances in your life you will often need an antidote to overcome the impact of that poison.

An antidote is a remedy that stops or controls the effects of a poison.

Failure is such a substance, that if not attended to, can poison your life.

And if you fail to control the power of failure in your life, or in fact tap into the flip-side of failure that occurs throughout your lifetime, it will kill you.

There Are Two Ways To Respond To Failure

There are two ways to deal with failure.

  1. The First Way

The first way is to allow it to isolate you, depress you, deprive you and convince you that you are worthless, useless and someone who will never attain the heights or joys of success.

  1. The Second Way

The second way is to stop, consider your failure and pause to ask one question: ‘What lesson can I learn from this failure?’

This is where failure becomes your teacher – and from these well-learnt lessons great success is possible.

Now For The Antidote & Her Five Parts For Treating Failure

But what is this antidote? What are the elements that are contained within the substance that has afflicted so many lives throughout the ages?

The answer to this question is simply faith.

However, although there is one antidote – faith – there are five parts that make up this antidote.

And it is these five parts that I wish to share with you so that you can be better equipped to defeat the power of failure that would seek to destroy you.

Part 1 – Faith In One Greater Than Yourself

Whether you believe it or not – when you stand beside the raging ocean, when you wade in the rushing river, when you feel the wind racing through your hair, when you laze in the warmth of the sun and delight in the shine of the moon – faith will reveal to you that there just might be a General of the Universe ordering the events that nature presents to us day in and day out.

By turning your doubt and skepticism, or even your lack of or abundance of religious upbringing into a simple faith in one greater than yourself – failure will no longer hold you in its deadly grasp.

Open yourself up, and allow yourself to explore the possibility of there being someone greater than you or I.

Part 2 – Faith In The Miraculous

There have been a number of times throughout my life where I have been plucked from the jaws of death; the most recent being on Christmas Eve last year.

The insurance assessor of the car that I had been driving, which had been flung out of control after hitting an oil spill – crashing head-on into a rock wall – should have in his words, ‘caused so much greater damage to the driver of the vehicle than it did.’

I hobbled away with a sore calf muscle which healed in less than a day, and a slight bruise on my chest from the seat belt.

The vehicle was beyond repair.

In my life I have seen frozen shoulders(mine) defrosted – two in fact – the deaf hear, the blind see, and even the dead (my son) brought back to life.

Faith in the miraculous will turn failure into a powerless adversary.

Expect a miracle, and miracles will happen.

Part 3 – Faith In Your Words

The words that you speak will frame your world. Death and life are found in the power of the tongue.

I have watched successful people, who had it all; destroy their life by yielding to the power of negative words, by allowing them to flow like a sewer out of their mouths when things get tough.

When I coach others in business, one of the first things that I pull them up in is in the area of their speech quality.

By only allowing positive speech to flow out of your mouth your life will be transformed, and that poisonous and vile flow will no longer destroy you.

Part 4 – Faith In Your Will

The willing and obedient will eat the abundance of the land.

By having a will to win, a will to be all that you have been created to be, a will to succeed, a will to overcome, a will to never come under the power of failure ever again, all resistance will be broken.

Trust yourself. Trust your talent. Trust your ability to adapt to an ever changing world by flexing your ‘will’ muscles like never before.

Part 5 – Faith In Your Ways

There is a way that seems good to you. Walk in that way.

There is a way that you must travel, and it is your life. It is not a straight way. It is a winding way. But with the putting forward of one foot after another you will find your way.

Walk by faith and not by sight, and travel in obedience to the inner compass that was inserted into your heart at birth. For it will carry you all the way until a glorious finish.

The Summary On Faith

So in summary, have faith in the Greater One. Have faith in the miraculous. And have faith in your words, your will, and your ways.

But by taking the five parts of this antidote you will no longer be subject to the poison of failure that has sought to grip you in its devilish clutch.

Do you know of any other parts of faith that will hep you neutralize the power of failure?