Can You Actually Forgive and Forget? The Grandeur Of Forgiving & Forgetting

The Psychology of Forgiving and Forgetting, If you can forgive, it actually makes it easier to forget

To forgive and to forget has been one of the most liberating habits that I have ever developed.

The grandeur of it is as simple as the words reveal. Forgiving is for giving you peace of mind. And forgetting is for getting a life that is filled with peace of heart.

Can You Actually Forgive and Forget? The Grandeur Of Forgiving & Forgetting

Now, there are three parties who need to be on the receiving end of this whole forgiving and forgetting process. First you must forgive yourself. Second you must forgive others. And lastly you must forgive the circumstances that, with no fault of you or others, may have afflicted you.

So let’s have a closer look at these three areas.

  1. Forgive Yourself

You have made mistakes. You have failed. You have disappointed yourself. You have not measured up to your high expectations. You have not reached all your goals. You have let yourself down. I have two words for you. Forgive yourself. Wallowing around in self pity will never allow you to amount to anything. So the sooner you forgive yourself, the sooner you can move on with your life.

  1. Forgive Others

People wrong you. People let you down. People say things that they don’t mean. People fail to keep appointments. People lie to you. People promise and fail to deliver. People accuse falsely, and write you hurtful emails or letters. But in order to continue to move forward in life, without being entangled in bitterness, is to forgive them and move on. Some will continue to be part of your life while others will depart. But no matter what happens, you won’t be left holding unnecessary emotional baggage that will weigh you down if you forgive.

  1. Forgive Circumstances

There are events that occur in our life for whom we cannot blame ourselves or blame others. Stuff happens. So rather than spending your life playing the ‘blame’ game, learn to forgive the events that have shaped your life in a way that you may not have planned. Continue then to build upon those experiences by growing ever stronger through the freeing acts of both forgiveness and forgetfulness.

In summary, to forgive yourself, others and circumstances is to take charge of your life. It is to take full responsibility for your past, your present, and your future. For these are the qualities of a winner and the structures for a grand life.