Learning To Live Well In ‘The Present’ – How to Live in the Moment

Living in the Present Moment: Transform Your Life with Mindfulness

‘The past is history, the future is a mystery, and this moment is a gift. That is why this moment is called ‘the present.” Anon

There is nothing you can do to undo the past. You are not in control of the future. All that you and I have within our hands, to work with, is the present. And it is what we do with our present that will impact our future.

Learning To Live Well In ‘The Present’ – How to Live in the Moment

I have found that all you and I can do with the past is to learn from it, forgive some of it, and make certain that we apply the lessons learnt in the past, today.

Hindsight is a great teacher. Wisdom comes from analyzing the past and rectifying – in preparation for a great future.

Don’t despise the now. Enjoy it. Use it. Invest in it. To reap a great future, sow a great today.

Don’t delay what you can do today. Refuse to be one of those who constantly say, ‘When such and such happens, or when I have enough money then I will do so and so.’

Procrastination is the killer of future dreams. Initiative is the creator of today’s greatest experiences and yesterday’s greatest memories. Seize today with all that it has to offer you and make it the greatest day you have ever lived.

Grab opportunity. Experience experiences. Love lots. Forgive heaps. Dare to try, test and experiment. For the present moment is your gift to unwrap and explore.

Why wait?

For you and I don’t know how many days we have to live on planet earth.

Reach out a hand. Extend an arm. Lend your shoulder. Pray a prayer for another. Speak a kind word. Send an encouraging note.

Be the gift.

Be the lift.

Be present.