How To Make The Best Life Defining Decisions

Making Wise Choices: The Key to a Meaningful Life

Every single day of our lives we make decisions. And it is those decisions that define us.

With the passing of the years one begins to review some of the decisions made in the past.

How To Make The Best Life Defining Decisions

But this is not a place for regret to take a hold. This is where evaluation is required so as to draw out from those decisions, and the ramifications of those decisions, the lessons learnt. For it is these lessons that will equip us to become more able to make better decisions both today and into the future.

So what are some defining decisions that you and I can make today?

  1. Decide To Decide

The reason many people live their lives like a yo-yo, or continue to repeat the same mistakes in their life, is because they have never committed to making a decision.

They live lives as a ‘wandering generality’ – never drawing a line in the sand to once and for all live a life of significant contribution backed by an unflinching commitment to the decisions they have made. They need to follow through until completion.

Stop playing with your decisions. Once and for all decide to decide.

  1. Decide To Learn

No matter the outcomes of your decision make it your decision to learn from every outcome. Success is not always your greatest teacher. Failure can certainly teach you a lesson or two.

Draw from both though by asking the question: ‘What can I learn from this?’ With new-found knowledge and acquired wisdom you can move forward – better equipped to face tomorrow.

  1. Decide To Grow

Stunted growth? A strange two-word combination. Growth cannot occur if you are stunted. Stand still and you will decay.

Always decide to grow. See yourself as a young freshly planted plant in the soil of great opportunity. Surround yourself with those who are also growing, and watch your life blossom.

  1. Decide To Be Happy

Some young boys were asked what they wanted to be when they grew up. There was the usual response of ‘fireman, policeman, doctor and lawyer.’ But then one of the boys piped up with a surprising response. He shouted loudly, ‘When I grow up I want to be HAPPY!’

Happiness is a decision. It is a good decision, because it not only lightens up your own life but also those whom you come in contact with on a daily basis.

Happiness is a choice. So choose to be happy – no matter what circumstances you face in life – and then watch how your circumstances will change.

  1. Decide To Love

Love is the greatest gift that you and I can ever give to another.

Love is a doing word. So speak it, write it, show it, and share it. Don’t just provide the hand out, but rather offer the hand up.

Offer a kind word, a loving smile, a gentle hug, a reassuring touch, and a forgiving heart.

Love even the unlovely and watch what comes from making such a powerful decision.

So what are some winning decisions that you have made lately?