How To Flow With Life & Be Happy – Enjoy Life And Be Happier

How to Find True Happiness and Be Happier in Life

Stress and unhappiness seem to have taken over a lot of our lives.

We wake up early, feeling grouchy and then go to work unhappy.

We’re tired all day and our minds are filled with wishing for a better life, like being our own boss and having more money.

How To Flow With Life & Be Happy – Enjoy Life And Be Happier

And ironically, while having some goals in life is a good thing, we feel more stressed wondering how and what we need to do in order to get what we want in life.

We start feeling confused and unfulfilled as our expectations start to put pressure on us.

Does this sound like you?

We never seem to be satisfied

We always want more.

We have a bunch of desires and goals in life.

Our expectations exceed our limitations and ultimately, we are just not satisfied with what we have.

Why we always strive for more

People tend to have a nasty habit of allowing others’ beliefs take over our own truths.

We constantly compare ourselves with others.

Society has given us a bunch of ideas that in order to be happy, we need to have more money or more luxuries to be happy.

We forget that what we have is actually good enough.

We open our eyes, but we blindside our own truths and beliefs in life.

How to flow with life and be happy

Here’s a little guide I came up in being happy with your life. And when I mention, “your life”, I mean the great, ethereal abilities you possess which can help you in every way possible.

Stop comparing with others

A lot of us have a habit of comparing ourselves with others, especially those with a track record of success. We tend to look at the amount of wealth, status and lifestyle these people have.

Don’t compare.

Care not of others’ way of life when you should be focusing on yours.

Everybody has their own set of challenges along with hardship. We rarely see that.

Focus your energy on your own life. Flow with what you have and pretty soon you’ll be happy too.

Stop comparing with, “What could be”

Let’s take it a step further with comparing our lives with other stuff.

Stop comparing with, “What could be”, meaning constantly thinking of better situations to be in.

For example, you may feel unhappy as you’re doing something boring like mowing the lawn. It’s easy to think of other situations which suit you better, like watching a movie.

And it’s really easy to fall into that trap.

Don’t compare. Just flow with it and…

Be in the now

Notice what you have, and notice everything that is in front of you.

Concentrate and line up the thoughts in your mind base on whatever you’re doing.

If you’re in a crowded place, notice the people walking about; take note of theiIf you’re mowing the lawn, notice the grass being trimmed while listening to the beat of the lawn mower.
r expressions and make a guess at their way of life.

Be completely in the now. Be totally present and worry not the past, which is gone forever, or the future, which doesn’t even exist yet.

Have zero expectations

Expectations can be a dangerous thing, especially when mixed with emotions.

We always expect things to go according to plan and with that, we actually put in a lot of hope in the mix.

So when things don’t go according to plan, we get disappointed.

To avoid this, have zero expectations, or at least don’t have many exact expectations which should pan according to what you have in mind.

Remember, if you already put in the effort for something, it’s pretty much done and out of your control. You did your best, so just take whatever results that come along.

If results fall short of expectation, pick yourself up and try again. No biggie.

Just have fun

Cause we all deserve to be happy, nothing more, nothing less.

Nothing and no one in this world should take that away from us.

And it’s something that can be easily attained simply by having fun.

Whatever it is you need to do in life, whatever endeavour you set forth on, just try to have fun along way.

Because if you can’t do that yourself, well no one else is going to teach you how to.

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