How To Live Life At The Pace of Rest

How to Live a QuietLife Because You Deserve to Prioritize Your Peace

Frantic people live frantic lives. Stressed people live stressed lives, So many are driven. So many people are over-active. So many people strive. They are anxious – often eating and drinking far too much and working far too long.

How To Live Life At The Pace of Rest

Now with mobile phones, iPads, laptops demanding the attention of modern life – it is now more important than ever to learn to live life at the pace of rest.

When was the last time you simply stopped to think? When did you last pause? When did you take a deep breath? When did you stop to listen to the wind, the ocean, the birdsong, or the crackling of an open fire?

So how do you learn to live your life at the pace of rest?

Well here are just a few things that I have personally found that have helped me to turn the frantic into the serene. Please understand that I have as yet not perfected it, but am continually learning and refining along the way.

  1. I Pray My Day

Through the years I have learnt the power of prayer. Whenever I commit my day’s activities to the one who created the very first day – check out the book of Genesis for all the details – God has the uncanny ability of ordering my day in a way that it flows. Challenges are overcome. Obstacles are removed. Energy is discovered, and solutions unveiled. I don’t get all religious about it. I’ve just figured out that if He”s big enough to create a day in the first place, then maybe He can help me to organize my day better than I can.

  1. I Plan My Day

I make a list. I then prioritize that list. I try to keep my list to no more than six major things that will move me forward in my life. And then I start with number one and stick with it until it’s done. And then, and only then, do I start on number two, and so on. And if I don’t complete the six, I simply move the undone on to the next day.

  1. I Enjoy My Day

I choose to enjoy my day. I try to make gratitude and thankfulness a part of each new day. For every challenge that I face, I know that character is being built. When difficult people cross my path, I seek to put a smile on their face, and if that doesn’t work I simply smile. If I fail I seek to learn the lesson. If I succeed I seek humility. I refuse to be pushed, railroaded or rushed by another. I set my pace and follow the rhythm – my rhythm. I make the decision to continue to return to a state of peace, no matter what troubled waters I pass though on any given day. I look for the gold amidst the dirt, and I seek the rainbow in every storm. I see good, and I choose to see the best in others.

  1. I Do My Day Well

In one day I cannot do everything, but I can do something. By doing the basics with a splash of excellence, I’m assured that I’m building firm foundations for a strong future. There are duties that need to be done by me at home, at work, and at play, and I carry with me, into all those activities, my personal badge of quality and enthusiasm that is my signature in all that I do. And if for any reason I fall short, I seek to improve. I seek to rectify – always ready to forgive myself and to forgive others – ever keeping short accounts.

So through prayer, planning, enjoyment, and in doing well – peace is at the very center of all the activities that I find myself engaged in – and in that way I am able to live my life at the pace of rest.

May peace and rest be your portion too.