How To Live Recklessly Without Being Shipwrecked

Learning To Live Recklessly Without Being Shipwrecked

Throughout the years many of us have been encouraged to ‘play it safe’.

Even our parents and friends have often used the expression ‘take care’ as we leave their company.

What if we turned both of those statements on their heads and started to encourage each other to ‘live dangerously’ and ‘take risks’.

How To Live Recklessly Without Being Shipwrecked

Now that’s a turn around. That will shake up our state of preferred comfort, and thrust us out into the yet to be discovered world of possibility that awaits us.

So how can you learn to live recklessly and yet survive to tell the story?

Well here are four foundations that I have found that have sustained me in a state of recklessness to this point in my life.

  1. Secure Your Strengths

I don’t focus on my weaknesses. I either deal with them swiftly, or delegate them to those who possess my weaknesses as their strengths. That’s why I surround myself with a team of experts in their own field of endeavor.

Then I am free to spend the bulk of my time concentrating on the administration and application of my strengths. This then makes me even stronger – in my own area of expertise.

These are naturally aligned to my giftings and my talents – just like a river flows to the sea.

This is where I am most productive and most profitable.

This positions me for exponential growth in my area of influence.

This is where growth occurs and where pre-eminence is established in my niche.

It’s a natural state of blossoming just like a tree that is planted in a prosperous garden setting.

  1. Pinpoint Your Passion

When you align what you do and who you are with your passion, there is an ignition point established.

For this is now the place where your life will take on a spark, vibrancy, and newfound energy.

For with this alignment comes a fresh burst that will begin to act as a magnet. Those with similar passions will be attracted to you as a kindred spirit.

All others will be repelled, but those who are attracted to you will be of a mind that reinforces what you have passionately pursued.

You are the one with a vision. You have stepped out of a state of mediocrity and said that this is what I am passionate about, this is the path that I am now going to walk, and if others wish to they can begin to follow – and in the process we will all learn from each other in a state of passion.

For as Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, ‘Every man I meet is my master in some point, and in that I learn from him’.

  1. Dare To Dream

To dream is to break the mold. It is to think beyond the borders of your current mindset and begin to unveil your imagination in a fresh and lively way.

This brings you far beyond simply thinking that ‘this is how it has always been’ to ‘this is how it can become’. This changes ‘this is how it has always been done’ to ‘this is how it is going to be done, both now and into the future’.

This translates you from a state of limitation and restriction to a position of unlimited possibilities and resources.

This removes the shackles and gives you wings.

This challenges you to ask the question: ‘If time and money were supplied in abundance, then what would you do with your life?’

  1. Fly By Faith

There comes a time in your life where the eagle in your life needs to make it uncomfortable for the eaglets residing within your life.

This is where the feathered comfort of our former life needs to be ruffled and removed, leaving only the sharp sticks that will once and for all thrust you and I from the safety of our nest.

We have but one choice, and that is to leap. And as we leap into the unknown the eagle within us assures us that we will not fall to our death, but we will in fact rise to the occasion and begin to fly.

For within each of us has been placed the ability of flight.

Even if our first few attempts end up in potential disaster we will recover, we will bounce back, we will learn, and we will fly – for we fly by faith and not by sight.

What exhilaration. What joy. What satisfaction. What strength is infused into our dream-fulfilled wings as we soar above the earth of the ordinary and the acceptable?

We were not created to scratch around in the dirt like turkeys. We were born to soar.

So what reckless dreams are you about to pursue?