The 7 Open Secrets For Success

Secrets to Success: 7 Secrets of Wildly Successful People

When it comes to success, we are often presented with many theories. The fact is that what success means to me may not be what success means to you.

The 7 Open Secrets For Success

But that is okay, for we each measure success with a different measuring stick.

However, allow me to share the following 7 principles with you that can be applied to whatever you are pursuing in your pursuit for success.

The list is not exhaustive, but these are what I would call some of the guiding lights that, if followed, will lead you along the pathway to successful living.

Apply them to your life’s journey and watch success unfold before your very eyes.

Will it be easy? No.

But will the taste of victory be sweet? Certainly.

But don’t stop there. With every success achieved, learn to simultaneously begin to pursue the next successful venture, and then the next and so on that will carry you up and onwards for the entire length of your successful life.

Let me offer you here a special toast: ‘Here is to your abundantly successful life’.

  1. ‘The secret to success is to: Secure Your Dream.’

Dream a dream, for there is a dream waiting to be found by every man, woman and child upon the face of the earth. It is given to you to enrich your life. It will be the deep taproot that will sustain you throughout the fiercest storms. It will be the anchor that will steady your course. For there is only one you with a dream that is uniquely yours. As a prospector mines for gold, so too, prospect for your dream. Seek and you will find. Knock and doors will open. Ask and continue to ask until your questions are answered. The dream is there, like ripe fruit on an apple tree waiting patiently to be plucked by you, if you simply dare to dream.

  1. ‘The secret to success is to: Use Your Gift.’

Consider the cocoon. From outside we perceive death residing within. For did we not see a living and vibrant caterpillar spin its own coffin. Inanimate. Yet after a short death there is movement once again. Life pierces the very thing that seemed to hold it. From within the capsule bursts forth something more beautiful than that which entered the grave; a grave of transformation. The caterpillar, with its special gift, was never born to crawl. She was born to fly. So fly butterfly, fly. Catch the wind. Set your colorful sails and fly. Fly higher than you’ve ever flown before. Reach for the stars and far beyond.

  1. ‘The secret to success is to: Clean Your Thinking.’

Greatness is a pearl demanding discovery. Not to be flaunted in a fashion that would allow each and everyone to grasp it easily. Yet it is attainable. For within you lies a seed, but it must be developed. This calls for a disciplined mind. In its natural state it is an unruly beast needing to be tamed. Without discipline it will run hither and thither, galloping from the valleys of negativism to the mountains of positive thought in a flash, and then back again. Take charge of your thinking. Harness it. Train it. Feed it. The pearls of wisdom are available for those willing to search for them.

  1. ‘The secret to success is to: Conquer Your Fear.’

Your greatest battle will never be found where armies have fought. Your greatest enemies will never be other nations or nationalities. The greatest enemy of enemies, that has slain multitudes upon the battlefield of life, is fear itself. Win over fear through action. If you fear a mountain, climb it. If you fear the ocean, swim across it or build a boat and sail over it. If you fear the wind, set your sail and be propelled towards your goal. If you fear the valley or river, build a bridge and traverse it. Whatever fear you have within, face it head on.

  1. ‘The secret to success is to: Enthusiastically Pursue Your Goals.’

Carry the spirit of a child with you wherever you go, and in whatever you do. For within a child there is a fire lit by God himself, which brings energy and vibrancy to everything he or she touches. Find an idea that overtakes you. Link it up with a definite plan. Set a goal and reach for it. Build expectancy with every step. Reward yourself for small victories. This will build your enthusiasm, which in turn will create an abundance of energy. This will then carry you triumphantly to your chosen destination.

  1. ‘The secret to success is to: Savor The Seconds.’

Don’t procrastinate. Use today while it is still today. Your every thought, motive and action are shaping your tomorrows. They are the substance on which tomorrow is built. They are the very foundations of your future. Waste not the minutes. May every waking hour be a joy of discovery, and may they bring joy to those whom you touch with a smile. Be the master of time. Harness the reservoir you have been granted while alive on this earth, and channel it in the direction that will irrigate the only life that you’ve been endowed with.

  1. ‘The secret to success is to: Serve With Love.’

To be the least is to become the greatest. The greatest leader is the greatest servant. Those who rule with an iron fist are despised. They have been devoured throughout the annals of history. Destined for destruction, their self-interest offers no lasting value to humanity. Sacrificial giving though, stands the test of time. It has lasted from time immemorial in the hearts and minds of generations. Sow love seeds wherever you go. Plant them unconditionally, and watch the bountiful harvest of your life blossom before your very eyes.

What other open secrets can you share with us when it comes to success?