How To Increase Your Motivation Guaranteed? Surprising Ways to Get Motivated

How to boost your motivation?

I live, walk and breathe motivation. I write about motivation. I teach about motivation.

So I am often asked how I maintain my personal motivation.

I am also asked why I write motivational material. My response is simple, ‘I needed it more than most.’

How To Increase Your Motivation Guaranteed? Surprising Ways to Get Motivated

So please allow me to share some of the strategies and tactics I use to motivate myself twenty-four hours a day, 7 days a week and 52 weeks in every year.

  1. I Know My Mission

It didn’t happen overnight. But I made it my mission to discover my mission. Some call it a life goal. Others call it a Life Mission Statement. Whatever you call it, it really doesn’t matter.

But the answer to the following question is of vital importance if you are ever going to uncover the motivating factor in your life.

And that question is: What have I been born for?

  1. I Write My Mission

The practice of transferring what is running around in your head to the solidity of the written word on a blank page is powerful. It takes determination. It takes courage.

That’s why you will read my life’s mission on my Facebook Wall – ‘My mission in life is to lift people. Through my writings, my speaking, my music, and personal input it is always my desire to encourage others to become all that they have been created to be’.

That’s it. That is my motivation. That is my driving force that gets me up early each morning, sustains me throughout my day, and carries me into the darkness of each night.

  1. I Make Myself Accountable For My Mission

In order for me to maintain motivation I must position myself in a state of accountability. That is why I share my plans openly with my wife, my family, and if it is appropriate with my staff and even at times with my clientele and my readers.

Once declared, I am responsible for keeping my word. I am committed.

Do I miss the mark at times? Yes.

Do I ever give up? No.

I simply analyze, reset, and go again.

Life is not a straight road, but even if I have to zig-zag, and even at times reach some dead ends, I make it my mission, because of this accountability, to find another way forward.

  1. I Plan My Mission

No mission comes to fruition without planning. That is why I plan my day, and that is why I plan my way. I take large goals and divide them into smaller manageable goals.

I start with the end in mind and then create a step-by-step plan to build towards that goal’s fulfillment. If I need the support of a team to fulfill that goal I find the team. If I need finance I find the finance. If I need more training I go and learn.

But by having a plan in place I position myself from avoiding the outcome which so many suffer from – ‘If you fail to plan, you plan to fail’.

  1. I Do My Mission

There is no better way to live a motivated life – and that is by being a doer and not just a talker. There is a greater power emitted when you do. To do is to be – while always remembering that we compete against our last performance.

But what if you don’t know what to do? Well go back to the beginning – make it your mission to find your mission. And as one of my mentors once said, that if you don’t have a goal then make it your goal to find a goal.

This takes time. This takes effort. This takes concentration. This takes the practice of solitude.

But once you have discovered her, you will have untapped the secrets to a motivated life filled with motivation all the days of your life.

While we’re on the subject, what motivates you?